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Sunday morning, a video was released online showing officers brutally handling a group of teenagers dressed in swimwear.

The incident reportedly took place this weekend in McKinney, Texas – where a resident was having a pool party. Allegedly, neighbors were concerned about the large group of black children who were in attendance at the event, and called the police to intervene.

Authorities arrived immediately to the predominately white neighborhood and proceeded to chase and handcuff the frightened partygoers without providing much information as to why.

At one point in the clip, an officer can be seen pinning a young girl in a bathing suit facedown into the grass while grabbing her by her braids. She and her friends hysterically scream as she is cuffed. The adults in the neighborhood are seen helplessly watching on as the girl sobs.

All throughout the clip several detained young boys try to explain to the police that they just arrived to the scene and were not involved in whatever complaints had been made. They also appear confused as to why they have been cuffed. The video ends with the officer chastising the boys for “being part of the mob.”

The video itself seems to be taken by two young white men who briefly appear at the beginning of the clip. Despite filming the incident, they are treated politely by the officer, in stark contrast to his behavior with the other children.

An update on this story (including the police department’s reaction) can be seen here.

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  • K.C.

    DISGUSTING. Where are the marches on behalf of this child? A grown man sitting on an almost naked (in her bikini) 15 year old girl. Why? What threat does she pose sitting there screaming for her mom? What pose does she threat that a grown officer of the law can’t control her without sitting on her. This video made me cry. i cry for our children who are being treated like animals and for our young girls whose bodies apparently are nothing but things to sit on and suppress. America: I am hating you right now. May this girl thrive, grow, and flourish. May her destiny be one of greatness and may he pay for what he did. Only then will I believe in karma again. Sorry if I sound dramatic but this image really disturbed me.