Queen Bey, Yonce, or whatever nickname you choose to call her on any given day is known for surprises that blow people’s minds. Remember the 2011 MTV awards when she popped open that purple sequin blazer and revealed a baby bump? Or the surprise “Beyonce album” dropped at midnight on December 13? Ninety-nine percent of the time the girl is good. But every now and then Bey does something to piss her hive all the way off and yesterday her segment on “Good Morning America” was that thing.

Hyped to be an announcement equal to the second coming of Jesus, GMA teased fans for the Bey segment, by excitedly announcing, “”Beyoncé has something amazing that she wants you to know.”

Unfortunately (for some) all the announcement was is that Bey is vegan – a fact we’ve known for months, if not years, now – and she wants you to be vegan too –no one was here for that.

“I am not naturally the thinnest woman,” she said in her “Good Morning America” segment. “…I have struggled since a young age with diets. And finding something that actually works for me and actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.”

If that was supposed to dredge up sympathy then the singer’s “first time” speaking about her lifestyle was a total fail because the Beyhive, who on any given day would pretty much follow Bey into the pit of hell if she asked, immediately unleashed an unholy backlash on their leader and GMA for the perceived swindle with tweets like:

I would ask, “you mad?” but that seems obvious right now. The better question would be why are thirst levels so high that people would even suggest they deserve an apology for letting anything an entertainer does upset their entire day. Furthermore, this is actually one of the few times Beyonce probably was a part of something that would actually benefit other people’s lives. A tour would be nice, but is that going to sustain your life? What do you want her to have another baby for, so you can talk about that child’s nappy hair for months on end, too? People might be saying Beyonce tried it, but looking at the overreaction to this entire situation, I’d say the Beyhive is actually who tried it. And they need to stop.

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