The portrayal of Black professional athletes in the media is one that hasn’t been too favorable over the past few years, but the two biggest athletes in the world at present are changing that without even trying with the help of their wives.

Cleveland Cavaliers powerhouse LeBron James and Golden State Warriors NBA MVP Stephen Curry have taken the world by storm this NBA season, dominating on the court and leading their respective teams to the NBA Championship Finals. Off the court, both Steph and LeBron are also God-fearing family men who have no problem celebrating the women who have been by their side through it all.


LeBron and his wife Savannah have been going strong since their teenage days in Akron, Ohio and he often celebrates his better half for the extraordinary job she’s done as a wife and mother to their three beautiful children. The two were married in 2013 and are proud parents of 3, including 2 boys and a baby girl born earlier this year. Aside from being her husband’s right hand woman, Savannah hosts an annual event geared towards underprivileged high school girls called Savannah’s Promise Makeover. As part of the event, 50 teen girls are pre-selected and provided with the prom dress of their choice along with accessories to fully equip them for their senior prom. The girls also hear from a few celebrity women who come out to speak to the teens about getting prepared for the next phase in their lives beyond high school. Savannah hosts the program in both Miami and in her hometown of Akron, Ohio.


Like LeBron and Savannah, Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha met as teenagers at a church youth group in North Carolina. They began dating when Ayesha relocated to L.A. after high school to pursue an acting career and Steph was in the city for basketball camp. They made their relationship official in 2008 and were later married in 2011, two years after Steph was drafted into the NBA. In addition to being a wife and mother to their now-infamous (and adorable) 2-year-old daughter Riley, Ayesha has found success as a self-proclaimed food critic/chef with her own blog and line of culinary products, both titled “Little Lights Of Mine.” The Currys announced earlier this year that they are expecting their second child sometime this summer.

Although the James and Curry families are currently the ones in the spotlight at present, there are several examples of positive African-American couples in the NBA including Chris Paul and his wife Jada, as well as Shannon Brown and his wife, R&B singer Monica.

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