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How is it that one of the greatest living actors was able to create such an asshole child? Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Haze, who claims to be a rapper loves the n-word a lot.

Over the weekend, Chet was promoting his music on Instagram and posted, “Check out the song me and my n—- @chillthatdude just dropped on my Soundcloud #Juice.”


But of course people let him have it:


And then he attempted to defend his words:




This boy is not only a wannabe, but clearly the black people who he surround himself with aren’t worth crap either. What a privileged world Chet Haze lives in.


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  • This is a total example of white privilege and arrogance shown by many white people. Some white people think that they are entitled to call black people whatever they want to by virtue of “free speech,” but people have the free speech right to criticize him and to not buy his music. Chet Haze wants attention and he’s a culture vulture. He exploits the music of hip hop as a means for him to make himself more popular, but he supports using the N word. He is totally wrong and his black slave minded black “friends” supporting him are wrong too. We should never tolerate some arrogant white male trying to use reverse psychology in attempting to justify the usage of such a vile word like the N word. No one (regardless of skin color) should use the N word (irrespective if it has an –a at the end of it or an –er at the end of it). Chet has his history wrong. The death of Trayvon Martin occurred in 2012.

    The arrest of innocent protesters (in violation of habeas corpus rights) has existed in Baltimore in 2015. The SAE fraternity’s actions of singing about harming black people happened during this year. So, the New Jim Crow is not over. We are still fighting the same battles that our forefathers and our foremothers have fought decades ago. The struggle isn’t over. Some black people who allow whites to say the N word around them and if these black people praise the whites doing it, then those black persons should be ashamed of themselves.

    You have noticed that Chet never said that slurs against Jewish people, Hispanic people, Arabic people, etc. must be stripped of its negative connotation since he knows full well that the Jewish community (including others) will rightfully condemn him (if he said that). Others have exploited our inherit compassion as black people for their vile agenda. We say no more. We have to mark people who degrade us and not support them economically or otherwise. We have to take a stand and stand up for our people as Brothers and Sisters. That is the only way that we can be free. The successful movements of old were won with unity, solidarity, activism, and social empowerment that combated white supremacist, colonial views. We want liberation.

    • Mary Burrell

      Well said

    • Thank you Sister.

    • Mary Burrell

      “Culture Vultures” That’s exactly what clowns like this bozo and his ilk are

    • Preach Sister. The phrase “culture vulture” totally defines arrogant folks like Chet.

    • tellthetruth

      That right. Thank you.

    • You’re Welcome.

    • elle D.

      I agree as usual Truthseeker and I think we ESPECIALLY need to stop giving a pass to our so-called Black brothers and sisters who give fools like Chet a pass in the first place. We need to keep calling out and holding accountable, ALL sell-out Negroes. If we stop financially supporting people who don’t have our collective interests in mind, they lose their mobility, accessibility and “coolness” factors–and then the white hangers on lose their credibility. Keep calling these people out–We have the power to keep shining and as you said mark ANY of those who threaten our liberation.

    • Good Afternoon Sister elle D.

      I agree with you totally.

      We need to call out not only culture vultures like Chet, who needs a real history lessons. We should call out sellout Negroes who co-sign the ideological views of Chet. A sellout Negro is an agent by definition. We, who are black, will show compassion to our black people and use discernment to advance integrity and justice for our community without question. Accountability is important, because we need to hold those accountable who seek to degrade us and exploit us in an inappropriate fashion. Another excellent point that you have made is to not give financial support to those who don’t support us as a people. In that way, we can live up to our collective destinies. Our liberation is a precious goal that we hold dear in hearts. We want the sweet honey of freedom and to live in a world where a black child don’t have to be murdered by the police for unjust reason and where black people can fully express self-determination in the highest potential.

    • elle D.

      Right ON or should I say WRITE ON!!!

    • Thank you Sister :)

    • Mary Burrell


    • disq141synergy

      I’ve heard situations similar to what Staci Elle above described where some whites may think it’s a
      cool trend they want to be a part of, and those are the ones who ask
      (hopefully) and get corrected. An older white neighbor (60 ish) once said to me that “they
      say it but don’t want us to say it”. I gave her a recap of the history
      of slavery and asked her why she’d want to say it in the first place and
      she looked confused/annoyed and said “Calm down I was just asking”. I don’t feel some think it all the way through and that’s why it’s important to have conversations with people…meaning white to white, blacks shouldn’t have to give it that much energy other than No and I wish even that wasn’t necessary.

    • This is why education is very much important. Many people in society have to understand how that word has a vicious, nefarious legacy and how oppression didn’t stop in the 1960’s. Different forms of bigotry still exist today. Communication is important and there must be structural changes in society, because economic inequality, racism, etc. are found in the system. Some people have privilege. Therefore, a system of justice must be established, so real egalitarian principles are instituted.

  • Ann Gomez

    Where are your articles on the use of the n-word by Dj Khaled, French Montana and Pit bull?

  • Mary Burrell

    Even looks stupid and douchy

  • Rizzo

    when young chet gets tired of ‘playing’ with his black friends, he can go home to his dad, take a shower, put on his conservative suit and hang out with his conservative rich white friends. they can then sit around a jointly discuss the black problems in this country.

    • CoolChic



    Am I wrong for wanting to bust a cap in this fool’s arse?

    I’m a Hip-Hop aficionado but THAT right there is one of the reasons why I haven’t bought a Rap cd in 15 years.