The new trailer for actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s animated film has been released. “Bilal“, which is produced by Barajou Entertainment, is based on the story about a young slave.

“The movie tells the story of a real superhero, an African slave who was brought to Arabia 1,000 years ago and fought for his freedom,” Agabje says. “He became an inspiration to generations and we’re retelling his story 1,000 years later.”

The story is based on the true story of Bilal Ibn Rabah, a freed slave of Ethiopian origin who converted to Islam and became a trusted companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

“We’ve pulled around 80 different animation and CGI talents from around the world to work with us on this. We’re talking with people who worked on ‘300,’ ‘Shrek,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ that sort of caliber. It’s a really strong team and many of them are in Dubai for first time to make this movie,” stated the screenwriter Ayan Jamal.

“We’ve paid serious attention to detail. We hired 11 researchers, including doctors from universities, to research the history of the story, and we’ve taken all the characters’ descriptions from at least 17 different historical sources. We hired two forensic scientists to model the characters based on these descriptions and what we know about the tribes of the time. It took six months to design each character and we’re really proud of it. We’re showing the characters exactly as described in historical texts, not just using our imagination. We’ve spent 5,000 hours of research to develop clothes and props too.”

Take a look at the trailer below:

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  • TeflonD

    Very nice. More go-getter Black folks doing and owning sh!t and less sitting around waiting on massa to show them the way. This is coming off of Tracee Ellis Ross b!tching and moaning about getting sidelined for white chicks when her non-acting ass already got a leg up.

    There’s nothing like Black folks that know who they are. I hope folks like Agbaje form the next Pixar so our kids won’t be fed racist Disney garbage.

  • Valerie

    What a beautiful and inspiring trailer. Love the mom words at the end “No chains will hold you”. Would love to see this movie whenever it comes out.

  • Valerie

    What a beautiful and inspiring trailer. Love the mom words at the end
    “No chains will hold you”. Would love to see this movie whenever it
    comes out. (accidentally deleted old post)

  • This story interests Muslims, religious people in general, historians, scholars, and just everyday people. I have no problem with this animated film at all. The film outlines the message that heroic people always stand up against tyranny to seek a better life for the human race. Certainly, our stories (as black people) have the right to be shown. Agbaje should receive respect for what he’s doing. Also, the film has been relied upon by tons of research and historical analysis. That is a great thing.

  • D1Mind

    Another movie about black folks being slaves? Seriously? There is more to black history than slavery. I don’t know what it is about folks who just can’t find ANYTHING in the thousands of years of black history to talk about other than slavery. It is a bit annoying considering all the studies I have done. I mean why not a story about ancient Aksum or the ancient black kingdoms of Saba? Or the ancient black tribes of Arabia? Or the ancient Sudanese/Arab culture of Tihama (Western Arabia).