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Would you wear panties with a built-in pad and ditch your tampon or pad altogether? A few companies are proposing that you do exactly that and one of them is catching the attention of women across the country.

Founded in 2010, women’s underwear company THINX is making strides in 2015 with their line of period-proof panties. While the company’s website offers a disclaimer that the underwear are intended to serve as a back up in the case of leaks while wearing tampons or menstrual cups, it’s also becoming widely known as the alternative to wearing a pad or tampon altogether. Similar to the multiple types of pads and tampons currently on the market to cater to different menstrual cycles, the site offers a variety of different underwear according to your “flow.”

According to the descriptions of each pair on the website, the “thong” underwear holds “up to ½ a tampon’s worth” of liquid, while the cheeky underwear holds “up to a full tampon’s worth” of liquid and finally, the “hip hugger” holds “up to 2 tampon’s worth” of liquid. The underwear prices range from $24-$34 per pair and are machine-washer friendly with instructions to rinse before washing and hang to dry.


The site even suggests that these period-proof undies are leak resistant and absorbent enough to be worn with white pants.


Maybe we’re just too old-fashioned, but the thought of wearing NOTHING while on your period is more than a little scary (and gross) to think about. On the other hand, the thought of not having to worry about the discomfort or hassle of wearing pads or tampons for 5-7 days out of every month is rather appealing.

What are your thoughts on THINX and this new-age approach to dealing with menstrual cycles?

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  • TuckingFypo

    Nah, breh. Can’t do it.

    I’ve tried everything–huge pads (that look like flattened pelicans) oh yeah AND with wings (because they can fly, or whatever), those jumbo industrial-sized cooter pluggers, and even menstral cups (which I love the most, by the way). And no matter all the promises they gave me of sunshine, sweet tea, and sturdy men, my Aunt Flow constantly reminds me that she’s a rebel to the cause and messes at least one pair of draws each. and. every. time. (I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.)

    So you mean to tell me… I’m supposed to put on these panties and go about my day all willy-nilly like I don’t have to worry about my flow embarrising me like a grudge-filled roach that comes out and sits in the middle of the wall when company is over.

    Nope. I’m not setting myself up…at least willingly.