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Amandla Stenberg has been using her Tumblr as a vessel to educate people about ongoing racial issues and cultural appropriation. But apparently speaking her mind has caused the young actress to be on the receiving end of harassment and bullying.

Recently Stenberg tweeted about the money spent on advertising for the movie Minions, and how it could have been used to pay people’s tuition.

This statement didn’t sit well to one blogger on Tumblr:

“I don’t like that post talmbout “oh minion money could be used on people’s college tuition” cause it’s coming from someone who ain’t even gone have to pay for college by doing half the shit other people gotta do,” the post read.

It was this post that set off an avalanche of threats and harassment towards Stenberg and she’s now taking a break from Tumblr.


It’s sad that Stenberg has been the recipient of harassment. Hopefully she learns that those who attempt to educate people are often times ridiculed by the ones who need educating.

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