20 years ago, Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal in Greeleyville, SC church was torched by the KKK, and last night it went up in flames again.

According to fire officials, they don’t know if the fire was intentional or started by lightning in the area. But with all of the church burnings taking place recently, it is ominous.

No injuries were reported, but the fire took around two and a half hours to bring under control, the Clarendon County Fire Department said around midnight ET.

Its roof collapsed and Williamsburg County Fire Chief Randy Swinton said that the 8,000-square-foot church had been gutted.

Mount Zion, founded more than 110 years ago, was burned to the ground June 20, 1995, by two members of the Ku Klux Klan. President Bill Clinton attended the rededication of the rebuilt church a year later and said in a speech that “it was the church that saved the people until the civil rights revolution came along.”

He said it was “doubly troubling to people … who spent their entire lives working for equal opportunity among our people…to see our native South engulfed in a rash of church burnings.”

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