Akilah Hughes

Lately it seems like everyone is having a very special conversation about race. Whether it’s trying to figure out what the heck is Rachel Dolezal’s deal, or talking about the very real, very present challenges many Black folks face, it’s hard to escape talking about race in America.

While conversations can sometimes bridge gaps and bring people together, the problem with talking about race these days—especially on social media—means you can encounter a lot of idiots.

Sometimes it’s your co-worker who posts something boneheaded about Black people, or maybe it’s your high school homie whose respectability politics get in the way of critically discussing what the real issues are. Whatever the case may be, if you engage in conversations about race you will inevitably get burned out.

Enter Akilah Hughes and her brilliant video on what she calls “Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome.”

In the 2-minute clip, Hughes lists a myriad of frustrations people encounter when they try to engage with others about race, and what they can do to save themselves.

Take a look.

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