Supermodel Beverly Johnson said she “wasn’t surprised at all” about Bill Cosby admitting that he drugged women during a 2005 court hearing.

Johnson said that after hearing similar stories from the dozens of other alleged victims, “eventually, it was going to come to light, so I wasn’t surprised,” she said in an interview with the Today Show. “I’m just very happy for the victims that they have some sense of peace and validation.”

Last year, in a Vanity Fair interview, Johnson said Cosby gave her a sedative in 1986 when he gave her a cup of cappuccino, and then placed her in a car and sent her on her merry way, when she did not succumb to the drug.

Johnson said she the court documents don’t provide her any kind of vindication.

“I don’t really have feelings like that. For me, it’s about women using their voice,” she said. “We are expected as women to be voiceless and it was an opportunity for me to use your voice.”

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