Earlier this week, iconic pop star Madonna posted an Instagram photo of her 2 Black children Mercy and David giving her a foot massage. Shortly after the photo was posted, talk show host Wendy Williams reposted the picture on her Facebook page & posed the question of whether or not people should take offense to the picture. To the surprise of some, many of the responses to her question included Black women defending Madonna’s photo.

For those that don’t know, Madonna adopted her 2 children Mercy and David from Malawi back in 2009 and has been raising them as her own ever since. Regardless of this fact, some of Madonna’s fans and the general public found it offensive that she would post the pic of them massaging her feet, but there were a host of Black & Latino women who said they found nothing wrong with the photo in response to Wendy Williams’ Facebook post. They flooded Wendy’s comments section in defense of Madonna.


Many of the women even criticized Wendy for posing the question in first place, rejecting the idea that the picture promoted any sense of white superiority and instead insisting that it should be seen as nothing more than a loving mother getting a foot rub from her kids.

What are your thoughts on this photo Clutchettes? Was Wendy grasping at straws for insinuating that it was inappropriate for Madonna to post the photo? Or should Black people, women in particular, be offended?

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