Guess what, ladies? One of your favorite online shopping websites is all thanks to a community of self-sufficient, successful, ambitious….FEMALE small business owners!

If you’re not familiar with ETSY, it is an increasingly popular online buyers and sellers market that houses a variety of pretty much everything you didn’t know you needed but can’t deny you want. From trendy clothing items, to handmade furniture, to must have jewelry pieces, ETSY is a one-stop-shop that bridges the gap between online shoppers looking for unique finds and small business owners aiming to have their products at the world’s fingertips.

According to statistics in new report published by the company this month, 86 percent of the sellers on the website are women. The report also highlights the fact that many women are foregoing traditional full-time employment as a sole source of income and are continuously coming up with news ways to instead generate multiple revenue streams through various small business ventures of their choosing. Other draws of the ETSY site for budding female entrepreneurs are the flexible work hours, limitless exposure and creative control for those looking to turn their talent into something profitable.

Top Tech News shared these details on the story of one ETSY seller who has been able to find financial security following the establishment of her online store through the website.

Ali Fitzgerald, 38, turned a hobby into a business through ETSY when she started to sell hoops in 2009 for hoop dancing. Six years later, she quit her job at an interior landscaping company and has turned her shop, HoopMamas, into a full-time gig. Last year, the four-person enterprise made $338,000 in sales Relevant Products/Services, more than double their total from 2013.

“I have so much more confidence now because I made that leap and I did it,” said Fitzgerald, who lives in Lawrence, Kan. “I know that I can be and am responsible for my own success.”

Not only is ETSY becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of online shopping, it’s also emerging as a positively competitive platform for female entrepreneurs to become independently wealthy while keeping each other on their toes. We love it!

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