Just when I think Fox News can’t stoop any lower, they continue to prove me wrong. This time, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a former reality TV start turned talking head, weighed in on the arrest of Sandra Bland, and let’s just say folks aren’t too happy about it.

On Monday, the Fox and Friends co-host discussed Bland’s July 10th arrest with former New York Police Department officer John Rafferty and, as usual, Hasselbeck put her foot in her mouth.

While analyzing Bland’s arrest, Rafferty indicated the officer could have handled the situation better by just issuing Bland a ticket and moving on, but Hasselbeck asked the former NYPD cop if Bland’s cigarette could have been grounds for arrest because it have been used as a weapon.

Via RawStory:

“It appears, looking at this, because she didn’t put out the cigarette next thing he knows, he’s asking the person to step out of the vehicle,” Rafferty said about Encinia. “You can’t take it personal. It’s the job.”

“But, what if, I mean, there are times, I’m sure, someone has, in the history of this land, used a cigarette against a police officer,” said Hasselbeck, “maybe chucked it at him, pushed it at him.”

“Absolutely,” said Rafferty.

“If he indeed felt it could be a potential threat, was that the wise thing to do?” she went on.

“I think because you know, you have to know you’re being recorded — you have to say, ‘Listen I need you to step out to sign this warning,’” said Rafferty. “I wouldn’t want somebody stepping out with a cigarette. I mean, I’ve had a cigarette tried to be — I’ve had somebody try to put a cigarette out on me. It happens. I guarantee, you speak to many cops out there. But the way you say it, unfortunately you’re locked into it. Because now, it’s being recorded. Unfortunately, these officers have to remember that.”

I mean…what?

Never mind that smoking in your own vehicle is perfectly legal or that a lone cigarette has never posed a lethal threat to anyone, but Hasselbeck’s idiotic questions once again highlight her inability to have a conversation about serious issues like police brutality, race, or politics.

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