Everyone went ‘awww’ last year when Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony’s family bathroom morning routine photo went viral. But now everyone is going ‘awww’ for a totally different reason. The couple is no longer a couple and the engagement is off.

According to the New York Post, the announcement was made by Anthony on Instagram.

“My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together,” Anthony said about the children. “Truthfully, they are the ONLY reason I am sad to leave and move on.”

“You should never have to question your worth or [compromise] your morals when you’re with your soulmate; it doesn’t work out that way … I am happy to be ‘Caleb’ again.”

“I still love him,” Anthony said about Lewis. “I’m willing to start over with MYSELF and find who I really am.”

The couple captured hearts with their family story and even went on to become spokespeople for Nikon’s ‘I Am Generation Image’ campaign.


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