Attending church shouldn’t cost you, but according to one woman in Tampa, Fl,, she’s now in the hole $1,000.
Candace Petterson was told that she had to pay $1,000 in order to be considered a member of Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church.
“People were really friendly there, and I really enjoyed being there,” said Petterson.
“To be a member in good standing and have the right to vote, adults are to contribute the minimum amount of $50 per month,” read Petterson.
She couldn’t believe it until she received a collections notice.
“Fifty dollars per month, now this shocked me because I haven’t heard about the $50 per month.  So where did this come from?” asked Petterson. “Then Mount Moriah day is on there, $150.”
The collections notice also notified Petterson that she would also have to pay a yearly church anniversary fee of $250– a total of $1,000 in required donations a year. Petterson says she was told one of the fees is to help pay off debt held by the church.
“What church charges you to help pay off what they’re going through, I’m not there for that,” said Petterson.
But adults aren’t the only ones who have to pay to pray.
Children are required to send in $5 a month, because you know, kids got jobs (sarcasm).
“My child don’t have a job, I’m her parent. She’s 11 years old.  Why would you charge a child $5 a month to be a member of a church?” said Petterson.
Petterson is now on moving on to green and cheaper church pastures.
“It’s like you say to me, if you want to be a member of this church, you need to pay this.  If you want to find God, it don’t say anything like that in the Bible,” said Petterson.
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  • Greg Richey

    Here is a clue. If you go to a church that keeps track of who donates how much you are in the wrong church. That church is putting faith in men. They should practice what they preach.

    • Ajavee

      I agree Greg.

  • Greg Richey

    Oddly enough Jesus spoke out against these same things and others and they killed him for it. He spoke of the priests that seek to be first in all things and wear fine linens and sit in the best seats and ignore the needs of widows and orphans. When Jesus started his ministry he did not go looking for followers in the Synagogues. He went looking for those neglected. So do not let the acts of men get in between you and the one you are serving.