Mary O’Callaghan, a 19-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, was sentenced to 36 months in jail for kicking and shoving a handcuffed woman who later died in custody.

The judge in O’Callaghan’s case suspended the majority of her sentence, leaving the former officer to serve just 16 months in county jail.

During her sentencing hearing, O’Callaghan apologized to the mother of Alesia Thomas, who was just 35 when she died.

“Mother to mother, I am extremely sorry for the loss of your daughter,” O’Callaghan said. “Not a day goes by that I don’t pray for her. I pray for her every day. I pray for her children.”

Thomas was arrested in July 2012 and was already handcuffed in the back of a police car when O’Callaghan grabbed her by the throat before kicking her in the stomach and groin, and then threatening to break her arm. Although Thomas complained of pain in her chest and requested an ambulance, prosecutors argued O’Callaghan refused to listen. Soon, Thomas lost consciousness and was pronounced dead when she was finally taken to the hospital.


Although Thomas’ cause of death was listed as “undetermined,” the medical examiner said cocaine was a “major factor.” Still, O’Callaghan was relieved of duty and charged with assault under the color of authority, meaning she abused her authority as an officer of the law.

Despite O’Callaghan’s apologies, Thomas’ mother isn’t ready to forgive her yet.

“I would love to forgive her, but I have to ask God to help me forgive her,” she said during the hearing.

Alesia Thomas, 35, died in police custody in 2012.

Alesia Thomas, 35, died in police custody in 2012.

As a result of her felony conviction O’Callaghan will be barred from working law enforcement ever again and will lose her LAPD pension.

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  • Mary Burrell

    This Mary O’Callaghan is a monster

  • Noirluv45

    “Mother to mother, I am extremely sorry for the loss of your daughter,” O’Callaghan said. “Not a day goes by that I don’t pray for her. I pray for her every day. I pray for her children.”

    Heffa, pray for yourself. She didn’t say, “I am extremely sorry for what I did.” She said, “I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter.” That is not repentance. In 36 months, she’ll be able to go home to her children. Alesia’s mother will never see her daughter again.

  • Paradox was there crime on behalf of victim whom just abandon children for immediate care was this scare? Dare say this justice of LAPD going use prior offences this irrelevant bodily harm killed chocked why? O’Callaghan taught the bigotry now Alesia family informed us had mental ordeals another charge yes was
    addict does it matter when. Affluent children caught L.A county always pardon or no case due families wealth racism entrenched L.A county. O’Callaghan shall receive leniency recommend Thomas family suit her and LAPD you can’t be meek if seek justice time challenge bigotry. Problem Blacks USA experiencing old guard using tactics to belittle you fight back. Leave to facts Alesia didn’t resist arrest was aggression due area usually south central region officers afraid of gangs. Why excessive force why media didn’t address this economic image of gentrified L.A if can’t pay Alesia prior convictions dues it matter the force. O’Callaghan yes gender stereotype are lenient bullshit opposite tying make quota I know Blacks are bad all gangs what biker gangs of L.A county silence. Many LAPD officers using narcotics okay incarcerate victims and White collar crime of affluent many Asians. Dirty tricks injustice L.A suppose new era Dr.Dre,Jay Z and Puff Daffy you don’t give damn allow to have riches Zionist whom protecting police depts! Thomas family sue them Brian Davison senior investment banker stopped in L.A 2013 officer accused of thief. Mr.Davison resident of Canada affluent executive yes law suit settled out of court. Time repeal USA police force paradox awaiting naïve chosen to succeed the bigotry so many Asians living middle class how own there companies support racism. Not directly economically saying crime Black and Latin is this valid Alesia others victims why silence?