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If you were to look on Instagram last week to search for anything pertaining to Sandra Bland, you wouldn’t find anything. Hashtags such as #JusticeforSandraBland, #Sandrabland, and others were temporarily blocked by the photo sharing site to block hate speech.


When any hashtag including Bland’s name started trending on Instagram, it was followed by racist trolls, who had nothing better to do than post racist memes and posts involving Bland.

The company than “temporarily restrict[ed]” images in the hashtag’s “Most Recent” to give them time to sort through the posts that utilized Bland’s name.

“Content in the ‘Most Recent’ section of a hashtag can be abused because the photos and videos that appear in that section are highly visible,” a spokesperson for Instagram stated.

It wasn’t until 48 hours later that Bland’s name was once again reappearing on Instagram.

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