Listen Linda, Jesse Williams’ good looks and acting chops aren’t why we love the Grey’s Anatomy star so much. It’s his willingness to engage publicly on race and the plight of Black folks in America that really makes him hot.

On Wednesday, Williams–who graduated with a degree in African American studies from Temple University–unleashed an epic lecture on policing, race, and the death of Sandra Bland that once again showed that he’s more than a handsome face.

Take a look:

Class dismissed!

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  • binks

    Well damn, go off Jesse. If cloning is a real thing, I am going to need him to be the first person to sign up for it. But on a serious note, I am always happy when Jesse Williams tweet or gives an interviews because his views and remarks are spot on he is definitely a throwback of an activist who happens to be an actor.

  • Niesha

    ooohhhh I love this man… It’s nothing like being black, smart, talented, rich, and aware of the world!!! he is “black power” for real!!! lol

  • luvly27


  • mariah asphalt

    Go Jesse. My hat’s off to you!