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True confession. I’m not a fan of Jidenna’s music or hair, but I am a fan of his fashion. But not everyone is feeling his outfits and recently an article on Jezebel stated that he dressed like a plantation owner.

“I don’t think Jidenna approves of slavery or slave-owners in any way, shape or form. However, TELL ME I’M WRONG. JUST TRY. Jidenna dresses like a flamboyant cotton plantation owner. Sorry,” the article stated.

Well actually, Jidenna, who is half-Nigerian, seems to have taken a fashion cue from the rise in Dandy fashions.

In April, we wrote about the Dandy Project, which aimed to change people’s perceptions about black men’s fashion. From well fitted suits, to playing with colors and patterns, dandy fashion has been something a lot of men are into, even in African countries.

Jidenna’s fashion sense isn’t that ‘original,’ but it’s definitely not plantation owner fashion.

If Jidenna wants to label himself a ‘classic man,’ more power to him. Because he’s definitely have a sense of fashion that most people can’t pull off.

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