Cosmopolitan recently produced a video to show just how it feels to be a woman getting catcalled and made the boyfriends of the women in the video watch it.

From one man telling a woman that his strip club is hiring, to another man calling a woman a bitch after she ignores him, leaves the boyfriends speechless and upset.

As one of the men in the video said, “I’m glad people are making it [catcalling] an issue.”

But there will always be those people who’ll say catcalling should be taken as a compliment. Or it’s not a big issue. Or maybe you women should just stay home and not go outside at all. Or maybe you should take it as a compliment. Stop me at any time. Because these are all responses that I’ve seen on Twitter from those men who you can assume thinks there’s nothing wrong with catcalling.

Image Credit: Cosmo/Screenshot

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  • I am going to leave this alone!

  • Hey moderator my earlier comment did not need to be censored because I said many women like being cat called, but I’m not surprised by the black feminist [email protected] this website promotes. That’s why very few of you women have a man and will never get one worth anything.

    • Your mother should have swallowed.

    • That disrespectful troll (whose name is “Bash Em Breeze”) will no doubt experience Karma. Karma is no joke.

      Have a Great Day Sister.

    • vintage3000

      Word. Plus she dropped him out the wrong hole to boot.

    • truth hurts b*tch.

    • Awww…you really thought long & hard about that one, huh? You poster child for late term abortion.

    • Darcampb

      Lmfao. You are too hilarious!

  • PrimmestPlum

    I hate that whole using the hair style as a way into trying to talk to you. Guys will say, “Oh it’s just a harmless compliment!.” No, it’s not. If it was you wouldn’t have asked for my name afterwards. Leave me alone.

    Also the whole “You’re somebody’s daughter. You’re somebody’s sister.” mantra is annoying too. How about instead of being “somebody’s daughter or sister”– I’m just somebody period.

    Also, I noticed that the Black woman was the only one (in the preview) that was verbally insulted.

    • Darcampb

      Right? Black women seem to experience the most vigulent, hateful and agressive harassment

  • palmeria

    For some reason, I didn’t mind being catcalled when I was in Italy. In North America it makes my blood boil.

  • bamboo_princess

    props to the guy in the background that seems to be standing up for her. (Though we all know he shouldnt have to.)