DaJuawn Wallace is a college student from Michigan who was taught to pull over to a well-lit area if he was ever pulled over by police. But it’s those actions that have him facing possible felony charges.

“I live in Detroit, and I know some people who were robbed by fake police officers,” Wallace said. “I was taught to find a well-lit area to pullover in.”

Wallace saw a cop following him and flashing his lights, but drove 1.5 miles to pull over in a Sam’s Club parking lot.

“I was not speeding up, turning off my lights or trying to get away,” Wallace stated and even the dash-cam shows Wallace signaled to the cop that he was pulling over into the parking lot.

From Mlive:

Saginaw Valley State University Police Officer Leon Wilson wrote in his police report that he initiated a traffic stop on Wallace because his vehicle fit the description of a car that he observed driving on a sidewalk on the SVSU campus. Wilson lost sight of the vehicle.

“I was uncertain about the make and the model of the vehicle, but this vehicle looked like the same color and was leaving the immediate area,” Wilson wrote.

Wilson reported that after he turned flashing lights at the intersection of Bay and Liberty, Wallace continued southbound at about 35 miles per hour as he approached Kochville Road.

“The driver made no attempt to pull over and stop. I observed the driver stick his hands out of the window a couple of times. I did not see the driver throw anything from the vehicle, though it was dark and the road was poorly lit,” Wilson wrote.

“I feel that if I was an older individual, it wouldn’t have been a problem,” Wallace said. “I feel like if I was of a different sex, they would’ve probably thought that I was just trying to find somewhere safe to pull into.”

And he forgot, possibly a different race.

Saginaw County Chief Prosecutor Christopher Boyd said when a cop pulls up behind you, you must stop.

“You don’t get a driver’s license and get to pick what rules you are going to follow and what rules you are not going to follow,” the prosecutor said.

Boyd offered to dismiss the charges for a lesser charge of a misdemeanor, but Wallace isn’t budging and doesn’t think he did anything wrong. And wants the charge to be dismissed.

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  • Me

    i support wallace. just b/c a cop is pulling you over doesn’t mean you have to put your life in danger to be stopped by that cop. wallace did the right thing by driving to a well lit area. not just for in case of it being a fake cop, but just in case the cop gets froggy, he could make sure there are witnesses to anything shady that the cop tries to pull. these charges should be dropped. the prosecutor is trying to make an example out of this young man out of some kinda vendetta.

    • Amber

      Agreed. I’ll only add that when folks do this it may also be best to actually call 911 to tell them that yes you see the police behind you and want to make sure you can go to a better lit area or whatever and that you aren’t fleeing. I learned this long ago

    • Me

      that’s a good point & that would help in court to prove his intent.

    • binks


  • He did nothing wrong. I live in MD and a few years ago there were fake police officers pulling over women and raping them so the police said that you could pull over to a well lit area, but to call 911 and let them know that so that they can have a record of the call and notify the officer following you. This would apply to driving while black too.

  • Anastasia Hill-Thompson

    This is stupid. A waste of time on the courts part. I wish we reserved court time and money for cases that REALLY need it. Not some ol’ foolishness because a young man wanted to be in a lit area and it rubbed the cop the wrong way. No one tries to escape from a cop at 35 miles per hour.

  • The cops obviously overreacted. The young Brother was no threat to the officers physically or otherwise. He pulled over in a highly lit area. He was not armed. He followed the orders of the police. 1.5 miles is not too far to drive in the usage of a vehicle. Charging this young man with felony is blatantly excessive and it’s against all commonsense. This is why people have suspicions with the legal system and the criminal injustice system has been used historically to ruin the lives of black people. This is why there is a skepticism about the conduct of many police officers.

  • Batgirl19XX

    This would have still happened to him if he were a Black woman.