A Mount Vernon, NY woman was found dead in her jail cell 2 days after being arrested for shoplifting. Raynette Turner, 43, was found dead Monday afternoon.

According to PIX11, Turner was arrested at a wholesale food store on Saturday and was awaiting a Monday arraignment. Sunday night she told officials she wasn’t feeling well and was transported to a hospital, to only be returned to her cell hours later.

Officials found Turner dead in her cell on Monday at 2pm right before her arraignment. The family is stating that her death is due to police neglect and that she had a major medical emergency that was not given the proper attention.

An autopsy is pending.

Photo Credits: Turner Family

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  • Trueblue

    I wonder what her condition was and why the hospital released her if she was in that bad of shape. It seems like they would’ve kept her there.

    • Chazz A

      Pix 11 did not report the complete story. Ms Turner had some major complications with a recent bariatric surgery. The cops are still on the hook for negligence pending an autopsy. Very sad story non the less.

    • bamboo_princess

      I have definitely known the hospital to send people home or ignore people they think are “faking it.” If you dont do the right test or something isnt presenting in a usual fashion you can miss things.

  • This is such a sad story. She had a serious history of medical issues, yet the police officials treated her in a reckless fashion. The family deserves answers.
    RIP Raynette Turner

  • Was she stealing food? I don’t think people should be arrested for stealing food, criminalizing the hungry isn’t the answer. I will read more about this story. RIP Ms. Turner