If there’s one thing Azealia Banks just doesn’t do it is hold her tongue. Despite dropping the critically acclaimed album Broke With Expensive Taste in 2014 and constantly finding herself in the middle of some of Twitter’s most epic arguments, the Harlem rapper has yet to be recognized by mainstream awards shows for her efforts.

When this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were announced, Banks took to Twitter to vent her frustration about being overlooked yet again. After tweeting a link that called one of her videos “one of the most underrated” of the year, Banks said she’d probably never garner a Grammy or VMA because she’s an outspoken Black woman.

Banks wasn’t the only one who had a few words for the folks over at MTV. Although she received three nominations, Nicki Minaj was miffed her Anaconda video—which has over 500 million views on Vevo—isn’t in the running for the network’s coveted Video of the Year award.

While Minaj failed to specify which “other” girls she was referring to, I think Banks’ tweet may just give us some clues.

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  • drm

    They should not be looking to the VMAs for validation. Your fans enjoying your art is the best award.

  • Darkness901

    I’m not a big fan of either artist. However, this should not be a surprise to anyone. It’s the VMA’s. What do you expect. I wouldn’t seek their attention or nomination for sh**. I don’t even look to BET for anything. It seems like BET only wants to show something positive when it comes time for the BET Awards. Other than that, BET promotes Tom Foolery.

    I have no doubt that these women are talented. However, it will not come down to them taking action. It will come down to US (The Fans/Black Supporters) to put a fire up under the asses of those that try to place a cover over our female artists. Stop watching the stations that do silly mess like this.

    I haven’t watched the VMAs or the BET Awards in years. Hell, I don’t have cable lol. I don’t support sh** if it won’t support my people. Problem solved…problem staying solved.

  • blogdiz

    Yes racism is rife in the entertainment industry but personally it is hella tacky for artists to be whining about not being nominated/winning awards
    Leave that to the fans/industry critics
    Its in poor taste and very Kanyeish ,,Waah Im a millionaire but I didn’t get some sh1tty award

    Especially when you consider that they are many brilliant influential artist that have never won any major Awards I mean we live in a world where Mcklemore has more Grammys than RUN DMC , TUPAC and BIGGiE combined !

  • Delia

    Of ALL the racial tension that has been going down, this is what Nicki Minaj is going to cry wolf about???? STFU