300KMichelleOver the fourth of July weekend, K. Michelle blasted Black media and blamed them for ruining Black women.

The Love & Hip Hop star asked, “Why are African-Americans so angry&hateful towards each other? How can we possibly build a stronger culture when all we do is fight each other?” She added, “We’ll always b considered the lesser if we don’t get it 2gether. I spent years on TV fighting other Black women, because no1 believed my abuse.”

“Even though I was fighting 2b heard, it looked bad 4my culture & bad on me as a woman. People picked up perceptions of me based on my hurt,” she explained, adding that, “I’m not healed. Imagine walking around fearing ur life. This is the 1st time I’ve felt safe in 5yrs because he’s in jail.”

Michelle concluded her multi-purpose tirade by calling out Black media for playing a role in degrading Black women and culture. “Yep, I’m anger as s**t at the way my own people treat me, and how Black media has done everything in their power to destroy me 4 no reason…And Black media stop posting me on these blogs, stop asking 4interviews unless its something positive, something 2move the culture forward!”

Oh but Love & Hip-Hop, which is on a white media channel, is doing soooooooo much good for Black women?

K. Michelle, I think doth protest too much.

First, look at the show you’re on. What’s so uplifting to Black women about Love & Hip-Hop? Chile, have a seat and practice what you preach.

Clutchettes, do you think K. Michelle is right about Black media ruining black women?

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  • Mahogany

    I’m sorry but these same women are the one who sign up for these shows who they claim are running their lives. I don’t recall seeing Tia and Tamera fighting each other on t.v. These women have a choice to not participate in the foolery just like as a viewer I have a choice not to support such demeaning behavior.

    • Delia

      Sad that there will always be thirsty black people in the bottom of the barrel who will show their behinds on this demeaning platform.

    • Mary Burrell

      Going to being reduced to the lowest common denominator. Pretty sad.

    • binks

      Exactly! I am sorry but this is one case where the media didn’t ruin K. Michelle image. She didn’t have to respond negatively to clap back at others, but I bet she gladly accepted those negative checks. Nobody is forcing these men/women to sign up on TV, reality TV that thrives on negativity and the stereotypes, and act a fool. Like you said Tia and Tamera seem to be the only ones that left on a good note and Bring It is still thriving (though it is kind of threading towards the negative a bit). But you can have drama without going overboard in your actions. I can’t wait for the trend of reality TV to finally die down once and for all because I am over them all.

    • And the majority of black women are not on reality tv throwing drinks at each other. We are students, wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends and most of us are trying to prosper and move forward in our lives.

    • binks

      Exactly! And I rather watch a show containing this depiction of black women instead of the former.

  • Delia

    Is Clutch really asking this question?

  • “Is black media ruining Black women?”
    No, black women can not be ruined, we are beautiful and delightful, next question dear…

  • Mary Burrell

    Uhmm… No Miss K Michelle you ruined yourself

    • paintgurl40

      Which is kind of a shame. I was listening to her first album a few days ago, and it’s actually pretty good. I hope she can move beyond this because she’s really talented.

  • There are many progressive Black Media outlets. It’s just that many major corporations make it their duty to promote the most negative false stereotypes against black women, which is evil. The truth is that black women are filled with intelligent, strong people. Some people want to use their experiences as an excuse for them to condemn everyone in the black community, which is wrong. The black media never ruined K Michelle’s image. Black women are living their lives and most black people aren’t participating in the distractions of white-controlled reality TV shows from vh1, etc.