A group of white residents waving confederate flags and spewing racial slurs have a Georgia community in an uproar after they decided to crash the birthday party of a young Black girl with their racist antics.

According to multiple news reports, witnesses say the men pulled up to the party in a fleet of pick up trucks bearing the confederate flags and began threatening to shoot the attendees while calling them “n*****rs.” Melissa Alford, who hosted the party, described the bizarre incident to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“One had a gun, saying he was gonna kill the [racial slur]. Then one of them said, ‘Gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them n****rs.”

See video of the confrontation courtesy of AJC below.

Police soon arrived on the scene after 911 was called and made the men leave after both parties agreed that no physical harm had been done on either side.

The men claimed they were a part of a group known as “Protect The Flag,” who foolishly believe that the Confederate flag represents something other than hatred and prejudice. They also told police that the it was the partygoers who began threatening them when they pulled over on the side of the road near the festivities to change a flat tire.


Racism and racial tension between Black and white communities in the south has long been even more prevalent than anywhere else in the United States, so incidents like these are sadly more common than those of us not living in that region of the country will ever know.

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  • It’s a disgrace. The officers didn’t do anything to even issue a further investigation of the neo-Confederate racists and fascists. We have to call this as we see it. Those racist people waving the Confederate flags and harassing innocent black people are fascists. One reason why I have mentioned that is because it will be the 70th year anniversary of WWII soon. I have been studying WWII a lot from the invasion of Poland to VJ Day. Fascism didn’t end in 1945. It continues today.

    The black family just wanted to have a birthday party for their relative in peace. They were not messing with anyone, but they were harassed by a group of white racists with guns. These white fascists are angry that the Confederate flag has been brought down in the SC State Capitol. Also, a CNN/ORC poll said that 57% of all Americans view that evil flag as representative of heritage not hate. Those 57 percent of Americans are not only wrong, but they should be ashamed of themselves for believing in a lie about a satanic flag. Witnesses have said that threats were made by the white bigots on trucks. This story shows the vicious nature of white racism. No one can be naive. We are in support of the black family.

    • Mitch

      the third reich never ended, just went underground and were absorbed into the U.S. government.

    • Yes, Operation Paperclip comes to mind. Fascism is also found in neo-Confederate racists who harassed a black family.

    • Noirluv45

      Right, and the thing that gets me, Truth, is that they seek US out. We don’t bother them. They are very sick. Racism should be listed in that book of mental disorders because it’s truly a sickness.

      Another thing is they run in packs like cockroaches. Each one of them would never have the cojones to approach a Black person with all that lip they flap.

    • Teach Sister,

      They definitely won’t confront a strong, confident black man or a strong, confident black woman straight up. You’re right on that point Sister. They always seek us since they are jealous and angry at us. These racists have an inferiority complex since subconsciously they know that they are wrong, but they still want to harass innocent black people who just want to have a good time. The racists are coward, so they do run in packs.Also, they lost in Appamattox. They lost in Selma, and in the future, they will lose totally because we have right on our side.

    • Noirluv45

      Ha! They sure wouldn’t, Truth. Oh, Truth, they eat jealousy and anger toward Blacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s why they’ve buried the TRUE history of not only America, but the world

      S/N: Truth, there’s so much I need to learn. Someone told me that the first people in America were not Native Americans, but Blacks. I have to do more research because, sadly, there’s still so much I need to learn.

      Had you heard that before?

    • Amen Sister.

      I have heard about some writing about black people living in America before Columbus. In essence, the first people on Earth are black people. There is a lot of information to learn. Learning is certainly a life long process.

    • Me

      it’s terrorism. they went to that party with the intention to cause fear in a group of people. this country spend millions on foreign terrorism, but will let its minority citizens be attached by domestic terrorists. it’s sick.

    • Exactly Sister. These domestic terrorists wanted to harm innocent black people.

  • Chazz A

    “Bush, the leader of the caravan of trucks, told the AJC that his group is called “Protect the Flag” and is not a hateful one. They “drive around and sell flags,” he said, with all of the proceeds going to veterans or toward purchasing new American flags for those in need.”

    I think the above statement is BS. There may not even be an organization called “protect the flag” either. It looks like a group of racist males got together with their flags and pick up trucks and decided to ride around and harass people. It seems childish and pointless in my opinion. SMH

    • Exactly. Those evil people knew what they were doing. The black family was bothering no one and they certainly abhor the Confederate flag. Therefore, the white bigots wanted to harass black people.

    • Chazz A

      No doubt brother Truth. I’m not familiar with this town in Georgia but a few racist clowns riding around with confederate flags hanging on trucks should not be taken as a threat because the movement will continue regardless!

    • I agree with you Brother Chazz A.

  • binks

    But but but…the flag is not about racism but pride and southern heritage. It is in no way associated with racism and oppression…side eye. They need to come up with another lie because that one never stuck. What a sad, sick bunch of pigs *no offense to the animal because pigs are better than these racist idiots* whose self-worth and being is tied to a damn rag because they are wasting their life and energy hating and TERRORIZING (just in case people still don’t want to call this terrorism) black people. Personally, they should have been arrested especially the one who had the gun and threaten to shot.

    • I do feel that they should be arrested for harassment and threatening citizens. They outright threatened the lives of innocent black people and the cops act like these racist brutes were doing nothing wrong. It’s a shame that these brutes (who had guns on them) were let go while unarmed black people like Sandra Bland was arrested when she was unarmed.

    • binks

      Exactly Truth! I am sick and tired of the police dismissing these people’s action or letting them hide behind the 1st Amendment. You know if the situation was in reverse and this was a group of black or brown people the cops would have came and put them under arrest no questions or explanations needed.

    • Right Sister. If it was in the flip side, SWAT and other militarized cops would be in the location very quickly to arrest people. They or the racists always hide behind the First Amendment, but even the First Amendment has specific limitations. These racists threatened the lives of innocent black people and that’s wrong. The double standards are found in America and in other nations as well.

  • Rizzo

    it would be interesting to know how these confederate flag advocates feel about black supporters of the confederate flag. black people did support and fight for the confederacy.