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Thursday, President Obama will journey to Kenya and Ethiopia for a historic trip. It will be his fourth presidential visit to sub-Saharan Africa–more than any of his predecessors–and it will also be the first time a sitting president has visited both nations. While many Kenyans are excited the president is journeying to his father’s homeland, a recent CNN report calling the nation a “hotbed of terror” has many up in arms.

During a segment about the president’s upcoming trip to Kenya, CNN detailed several “security fears,” discussing the 2013 Westgate mall assault that left 67 people dead and the attack at Garissa University last April, in which 147 people were killed. Both incidents were carried out by Somali-based terror group Al-Shabab, who’ve been attempting to launch attacks in Kenya as retaliation for Kenya’s 2011 military actions in Somalia.

Despite CNN’s assertion that Kenya is a “terror hotbed” and an unstable nation, the country has experienced tremendous economic growth. The World Bank estimates Kenya will grow by 6% in 2015 and expects it “to become one of the fastest growing economies in East Africa.”

Because Kenya is home to beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, and a growing economy, many Kenyans were upset CNN reduced their country to a “hotbed of terror” and took to Twitter to express their anger.

Though CNN hosts admitted the president is unlikely to encounter any security issues during his trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, Joseph Nkaissery, Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary, said the network should apologize “if it’s civilized enough.”

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