Stephen A. Smith always has the most outlandish things to say, and not pertaining to sports either. Some  hope Smith sticks to rebounds and touchdowns and stays away from issues he obviously knows nothing about. Unfortunately, he never does.

Recently, the ESPN commentator decided to weigh in on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Of course his comments didn’t go over well on Twitter.

Stick to ESPN topics, Smith.

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  • DID HE LIE Y’ALL? Stephen A Smith told the truth y’all and sometimes the truth hurts especislly when we are hiding and not working to do our part to change today negative reality into something positive for tomorrow. I am in trouble now……….

    • vintage3000

      ..speaking of tap dancing lawn jockeys..

    • Petty Levert


    • Noirluv45

      Yes he did lie. Black people have always been involved on the grassroots level when it comes to crime in the hood and every other issue. Just because you don’t see it blazing on TV or in the media doesn’t mean there aren’t people fighting against negative forces. In fact, there are a group of mothers in Chicago heavily involved with fighting crime, and they are effectively doing their jobs. Let’s ask another question. Are Whites fighting White on White crime, or better yet, the HUGE drug abuse in White America. Most of us have no idea what is happening in their world. We base everything we know on what THEY show us. If people just investigate, they’ll see that Blacks always have and always will fight for better lives.

    • “If people just investigate, they’ll see that Blacks always have and always will fight for better lives.”
      good point you are right blacks have always fought and everybody else just piggy back on what we fought and shed our blood for, now the question is when are we going to take a look around and take advantage of the changes we fought for? See I have watched this thang over the last 40 years and it’s a fact that we fought shed blood for all the major changes in this country then some other group come in and take full advantage of what we fought for while we still on the bottom of the barrel when are we going to stop being everybody pit bull.

  • Dirk Posey

    Smith is a buc dancing coon, pure and simple.

  • binks

    Why do people think black people can’t talk and walk at the same time? I find statements like what Smith made very insulting. Many black people worry, talk and tries to stop black on black crime for years. Please stop perpetrating the lies that we don’t care when we kill each other. People want to put down or hijack the #BlackLivesMatters Movement so bad because they don’t understand it or it makes them uncomfortable hence the #AllLIvesMatter reply. Just this weekend my city, a majority black city, did walks/protests and held an outreach meeting with the mayor and police chief about decreasing black on black crime just like many other cities but these stories don’t get pushed in the media. People who bring up this juvenile argument don’t know the facts and just say it to cause discourse. The real question should be what is Stephen A Smith doing to fight and combat black on black crime? It is easier to point the finger at others and ignore the three that is pointing back at you. But I forgot this is the same fool who wanted to blame women for their own domestic violence.

    • CoolChic


  • ctrldwn

    SAS is a jackass. That is has been established since the day he started opening his mouth. He is Bill Oreilly’s go to guy for shit dumb black media personalities say. We can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. The idea that no black person is talking about violence in the black community is silly. It’s happening and it is as much or a problem as police violence. Young black men and women have much of a greater chance of being killed by a black criminal as they do at the hands of a police officer. It happens a lot in black communities and the funny thing is that it is the role of the police to be there as their protector, not the abuser. Not to mock them in tweets or in secret or scoff at their grievances. We as black people need the police since we have to deal with gun wielding thugs who aren’t afraid to fire their guns indiscriminately to get to their intended target. Pick a place, any place – They do not care who they hit as long as it sends a message.

    Here’s the thing though: Solving police violence is rather easy than violence within the black community. The problem is no politician is willing to take the bold step and use the tools available to fix it. Why are the current crop of Republican presidential candidates so afraid to discuss police brutality and racial profiling in police departments in their town hall style meetings? The same people who support exporting western style democracy and used it as a rationale to invade Iraq and are talking about doing the same to Iran can’t even sit down and have a frank discussion on police violence and legislative steps to fix it.

  • Luqman Abdullah Sudan

    The one thing that these negropeans forget or don’t know is white on white crime is greater than black on black crime. When blacks kill blacks they are punished. When whites kill blacks the victim deserved it? GTFOHWTBS!