As if anyone needed a study to figure this out?

A new study about the harassment environment in the online gamers world has found that men online who harass women are losers–losers who probably live at home in their grandmother’s basement. Well the study didn’t say that, but it’s still probably true. The men who do the harassment actually suck at the game they’re playing online.

Michael Kasumovic of the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Jeffrey Kuznekoff of Miami University in Ohio conducted the study said that women who enter the gaming environment elicit “hostile behavior from poor performing males who stand to lose the most status.”

“We suggest that low-status males increase female-directed hostility to minimize the loss of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of a woman into the competitive arena,” the researchers wrote.

Remember folks, we’re talking about the gaming world, where status means everything. #Sarcasm.

But chances are, these asshole men in the gaming world, are probably asshole men offline as well.


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