Sandra Bland mural

Since the Black Lives Matter movement launched two years ago, some folks have continuously tried to derail the conversation by asserting “All lives matter.”

On its face it sounds reasonable enough because all human life should be sacred. However, between the extrajudicial killings of Black Americans and the continual effects of systematic white supremacy on everything from education and health care, to the justice system, it’s clear that, in America, all lives aren’t treated the same.

Need more proof?


Over the weekend, Canadian artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre painted a mural honoring Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who died while in police custody, on Ottawa’s “tech wall.”

“I really wanted it to be a celebration of her life and her spirit,” Andre told a local paper.

Unfortunately, within hours, the colorful tribute to Bland was defaced with the phrase, “All lives matter.”

Like those who say, “All lives matter,” while ignoring the systematic, challenges people of color face, literally scribbling over a mural celebrating Bland’s life perfectly illustrates why insisting we acknowledge all lives while Black folks are being mistreated, and in some cases murdered, by the police is bullshit.

Yes, everybody’s life matters, but right now, we’ll continue to say, “Black Lives Matter” until the powers that be starts acting like they do.

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  • LogicalLeopard

    That’s kind of a stunning work of art by itself. It’s hard to come up with a better explaination of what the AllLivesMatter tag actually does than this defacement. The vandals are LITERALLY whitewashing a black death. LITERALLY. Wow. Take a photo and put it in a museum. Put it on t-shirts and twitter with the hashtag #WhitewashedBlackDeath

  • I get on the computer happy and get off feeling like I just watched Rosewood. ( Black people know we’re crunk after watching that movie.) These yt’s make it hard sometimes, they really do.

  • Mary Burrell

    Cecil the lion is killed in Africa and people are outraged and angry, black folks tweet #BlackLives Matter and white folks disrespect us and dismiss black human beings.