The ever-evolving topic of the lack of diversity in the modeling industry has resulted in some of the most notable fashion magazines in the world making more of an effort to recognize Black models over the last 2 years or so and W Magazine is the latest to keep the conversation going.

W Magazine is no stranger to stepping outside of the box when it comes to their representation of what’s current in the fashion world and their latest issue follows suit as it includes a visually stunning spread featuring 6 gorgeous Black models of varying skin tones.


The six lovely fashionistas are seen in several different looks for each page of the spread, outfitted in a variety of color schemes with each of them proudly rocking a different natural hairstyles.


Although we still stand by the notion that the achievements of these young models should be championed ahead of any pats on the back for these magazines for simply doing what they should have been doing all along, there’s no denying that this spread was a fierce step in the right direction.

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  • maria

    Amazing editorial! But may I offer some advice to the author of this article? Always Site/Credit within your article when writing about fashion! It is very important to know which issue and the name of the editorial. Additionally naming the photographer and stylist is also very helpful. Otherwise, in the case that the link becomes broken (which happens all the time), it would be extremely difficult for one to find the original images.

  • luvly27


  • Mariscia Thompson

    They forgot to mention that Taraji is on the cover. I actually bought this issue cause some of these pics are getting framed