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Black women being targeted by police is nothing new, but often underreported, or not even reported at all. In a recent video produced by Fusion, several black women recall their encounters with the police, specifically the NYPD.

In 2012, Crystal Pope said she was sitting at a park with a group of friends, when police approached them alleging they were looking for a black male rapist, but when they told the officer they had no connection with the incident, the police became aggressive.

“It was overwhelming,” Pope says in the video. “It was degrading.”

The video highlights the #SayHerName campaign which highlights black women who have either died at the hands of police, or brutalized by them.

Take a look at the short video below.

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  • People should look and listen to this video everywhere. No black women should experience degrading harassment or any degrading encounter from any officer. These black women have greatly told their stories. Their stories will certainly inspire and empower people to tell their own experiences in public as well. There has to be a change and part of that change is to make cops, who abuse the law and abuse the human autonomy of black women, to be held accountable. This should infuriate any human being. Black women nationwide have been the victims of police brutality. The mainstream media (which is heavily influenced by corporate power) doesn’t readily report on these stories, which is a total disgrace. I send great respect to the #SayHerName campaign. We ought to eliminate any form of misogynoir and police injustice.