The saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But for many Black women, we’ve been told by the mainstream media that what is deemed beautiful looks nothing like us. From white models dominating the covers of popular magazines, to Hollywood’s obsession with blonde-haired, blue-eyed starlets, what’s seen as pretty is often synonymous with whiteness.

Thankfully, Black women have always pushed back against the dominant narrative and defined beauty on our own terms, and Antonia Opiah of Un’ruly, a site dedicated to afro-textured hair, is continuing the discussion.

Recently, Opiah and her team she launched Pretty, a weekly web series that delves into how Black women across the diaspora are affected by beauty standards.


According to the site, Pretty aims to explore “how women all over the world place beauty, what it means to them—if it’s something they struggle with or are at peace with.”

So far, the Un’ruly team has journeyed to Milan, Paris, and London to chat with sisters about everything from fashion and feminism, to hair and what makes them feel beautiful. Next up, the folks over at Un’ruly plan to travel to Africa and the Americas.

Take a look.

What’s pretty to you?

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  • D1Mind

    Well considering that all the interviews are in Europe it is kind of a weird and contradictory view of black beauty. Meaning you would think that the epitome of black beauty in all its flavors would be in Africa. Europe by definition is the bastion of white beauty standards and black folks would expect to be judged according to it. Which is why one would expect to start Africa where such judgements would be expected to be less of an issue. And to a bigger point, should Africans be looking to the European beauty industry as the basis for validation of black beauty or should we be looking to create a black beauty industry in Africa for validation and representation of black beauty? I don’t think you are going to change the European beauty standard any time soon.