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Several Black churches have been victimized by arson since the Emmanuel AME church shooting in South Carolina that claimed the lives of 9 innocent church members during a weekly Bible Study last month and many public figures have since come forward to give their perspective.

While on hand for the 2015 Essence Festival weekend in New Orleans last week, Madame Noire caught of with the likes of Gospel greats Yolanda Adams, Smokie Norful and Marvin Sapp at McDonald’s 365 Black Awards to get their thoughts on the string of African-American church burnings that have taken place in just a few short weeks, how Black churches are handling all that is going on currently and more.

Watch the video below to hear what they had to say.

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  • elle

    No comments? (lol!)

    Anyway, this video demonstrates that there is more than one way to respond to an issue, especially the issue of racism. These artists responded in a positive way, condemning what needed to be condemned while not responding in anger or uproar. In the 60’s we had Malcolm X and MLK, and both of those voices were necessary to enact action in the community and change outside of the community. Both of these kinds of voices are needed now to counteract the increasingly loud and indignant racism occuring now.

    • Don’t worry because I’m sure that more people will comment on this story. :)

  • I think all three human beings gave positive messages. Yet, there is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism. All three people focused on love. I have no problem with love. Love intersects with justice. Peace is intersects with justice too. There can be no peace with justice and there can be no justice without justice. Forgiveness is an individual decision. We have suffered century after century of oppression by a com on enemy. We know who that is enemy is. I can spell it out. LOL. The enemy is the system of racism/white supremacy and we can’t be lax in our condemnation of it. We should show love, but the antithesis of love is the cooperation with evil. Goodness comes from us fighting evil. We have to fight evil using nonviolent means and self-defense if necessary. We have different gifts and we can use our diverse gifts in helping each other as a community. On another note, these talented gospel singers are not only talking about these issues. They are certainly active in helping out their own communities.