Darren Wilson

It’s been one year since former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, Jr. in the small St. Louis suburb, but while protesters across the country held rallies to remember Brown and affirm Black lives, one Missouri police union had a completely different idea—honoring Brown’s killer.

In a now-deleted post on the Columbia Police Officers Association’s Facebook page, the union declared Sunday, August 9 as Darren Wilson Day. In it, they called Wilson “an innocent, but persecuted, officer,” who “was thoroughly investigated … and found he did NOTHING wrong.”

While some officers in Columbia, Missouri may have wanted to celebrate Wilson for killing an unarmed young man, city officials weren’t happy.

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton called the post offensive and attended a community rally on Monday at the police station.

“I found the post offensive, and I thought I needed to stand with the community and say what the police department thinks about it,” Burton said at the protest. “It was insensitive at best, and provocative at worst.”

Columbia PD also put out its own statement distancing itself from the union.

“The Columbia Police Department is a separate entity from CPOA and does not in any way condone the use of social media, or any other medium, to promote divisive messages in our community,” the statement read. “The Columbia Police Department will not allow a statement such as this to hinder our constant efforts to open the lines of communication with all people in our community.”

Columbia’s mayor, Robert McDavid, said the Facebook post “reflected poorly on the brave and dedicated men and women of the Columbia Police Department.”

After the initial Facebook post came under attack, the Columbia Police Officers Association deleted it and replaced with another post reaffirming its support for Wilson.

“The CPOA’s post on Sunday regarding Darren Wilson was interpreted in a manner that was not the intended message,” the organization wrote. “In an effort to resolve the confusion, the CPOA wants to say this plainly: CPOA supports Officer Darren Wilson and all law enforcement officers who endure similar situations.”

Predictably, Twitter erupted at the mention of “Darren Wilson Day.”

As “Darren Wilson Day” angered many across social media a hacker, or hackers, replaced the police union’s site with some simple message: Black Lives Matter.

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  • vintage3000

    When that white kid was murdered last week by the cops, as much as racist caucs have been on my nerves I still have no desire to rejoice in the death of somebody’s kid who never did anything to me.

    These white demons across america are angry that the world is watching them, and that #BlackLivesMatter is gaining traction. The only way these maggots know how to respond is double down on their evil and they still hide under their hoods. They are an unnatural entity on this planet, and I have often regarded my own people as their polar opposite.

    • Noirluv45

      Hey Vintage. I’ve heard some talk that the young man shot in the back by the police during a drug deal was a false flag. They say it never happened. I don’t know if these are conspiracy theorists’ notions, but it’s funny because it really didn’t get much media play that I know of. Also, whenever something big is going down with Black people, I’ve noticed something always comes up to distract us. It happened during the Rachel Dolezal fiasco. Something big was going on when all of a sudden the tables turned and the discussion was diverted to her. Have you noticed there isn’t much talk about her anymore, is there?

    • vintage3000

      What?! So there is a chance that story was made up just to prove white people are murdered by cops, too?!! Nothing should shock us anymore Noirluv. And yeah the media fascination with that Rachel chick was annoying, wouldn’t be surprised if that was a ploy too. Horrible thing is the next big story after her was Charleston. And that controversy with Sandra Bland’s mug shot photo, which I did not believe was true, btw but I understand if others think it was. It makes your head swim.

    • It’s kind of interesting that you mentioned about Rachel. A movie called Slow Burn years ago talked about a white woman trying to act like a black woman, but she’s a white woman. it’s very similar to the story of Rachel today (of a white woman claiming to be black, but she isn’t).

    • Noirluv45

      That’s what some people think, Vintage. I wouldn’t put it past the media to concoct such a story. They are so shifty, dishonest and untrustworthy; therefore, I take what the media says with a grain of salt. I haven’t heard much about the kid being shot, have you? In fact, they say it was Black Lives Matters that brought the case of the boy shot in the back by cops to national attention claiming the “White Lives Matters” movement was a farce since they didn’t bring attention to the story. I didn’t believe the Sandra Bland death mug shot theory either. Girl, it is enough to make ones head spin. It’s exhausting wading through truth and lies.

  • Chazz A

    This is yet another example of how deeply rooted racism is in this country. To celebrate a cop for shooting a young black man six times, as if brother Brown was a wild animal in the woods, is unacceptable on all levels of humanity.
    The caucasian male’s thirst for violence and control is well documented in history as well as today. We, as black people, should not be threatened by the actions and BS rhetoric of white racists. They behave this way out of fear as they fight for their genetic survival.
    The system of white supremacy is beginning to crack and one day, maybe not in our time, it will crumble like their mighty Rome did, before our time!

  • CoolChic

    That’s sick.

  • LogicalLeopard

    And here is a good reason why communities erupt like Ferguson did.
    Okay, so you’re a police officer, and you see Darren Wilson commit what you think is a legal shooting. Alright, that’s your prerogative. You think its a shame he can no longer work in the field, when he just did his job. Gotcha, I can understand that. Turns out, most of the officers in your union feel the same way. Completely understandable!
    But when you decide to have a “Darren Wilson Day” on the day that Mike Brown was killed, that shows that you truly do NOT understand the black community at best, and may be racist at the worst. You might have read the information from the Grand Jury and concluded that Darren Wilson wasn’t guilty. But did you read the information regarding the civil rights violations in that community? Did you come to the understanding that right or wrong, racism or no racism, people in that community feel that they are being persecuted by the police FOR GOOD REASON? And do you understand that the Mike Brown shooting touched off a powderkeg of anger, not just because of Mike Brown, but because of ALL the things that were going on between that community and the police? Like I said, this is clueless behavior at best, racism at worst. At any rate, you should still have the sensitivity to understand that no one should celebrate the death of a young man by declaring it to be a holiday for the man who shot him, right or wrong. That’s just heartless behavior, especially when people are mourning him.