Twitter is the virtual birthplace of many a discussion about race relations, stereotypes and cultural misconceptions on a weekly basis, and this week it was the #AllBlackGirlsDont hashtag that sparked the chatter.

As is the case with most trending topics on social media, the origin of the #AllBlackGirlsDont hashtag remains unknown, but its’ purpose is seemingly self-explanatory: highlight and dispel the stereotypical myths associated with “black girl behavior” one tweet at a time. At first, the topic and the trend got off to a very positive start, with Black women chiming in from every corner of cyberspace to uplift themselves and their fellow woman of color through simple but bold statements about all of the things that come together to make us Black women so magical.

Unfortunately, the “positivity” didn’t last very long before the hashtag began to turn negative. Instead of highlighting things like the beauty, differences, strength and intelligence of Black women, the hashtag became a sounding board for people to pass judgement and highlight why one type of Black woman is better than the next.

Although the overall positive message of the hashtag fell short of resonating with some in the end, the idea that Black women are so much more than what the stereotypes of society try to limit us to being was thankfully not lost on many that chose to engage in the discussion.

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