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Where are the #alllivesmatter people when one of their ‘own’ are shot and killed by a police officer? Nowhere to be found.  Zachary Hammond was shot by police during a drug bust in South Carolina.

But seemingly, the only people who’ve paid attention to this have been the #blacklivesmatter people:

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Hammond’s parents want to know why there isn’t any outrage.

“It’s sad, but I think the reason is, unfortunately, the media and our government officials have treated the death of an unarmed white teenager differently than they would have if this were a death of an unarmed black teen,” the family’s attorney told The Washington Post this week. “The hypocrisy that has been shown toward this is really disconcerting.”

He added: “The issue should never be what is the color of  the victim. The issue should be: Why was an unarmed teen gunned down in a situation where deadly force was not even justified?”

The irony.

So is it the responsibility of #blacklivesmatter activists to rally behind the cries of Hammond’s family? I think maybe the #alllivesmatter people need to get together and organize. But we know that won’t happen.




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  • Mr. S

    To say one life is more important than another is absurd. We are all one race the human race. We all need to have a coming together and not let the government divide people any further

  • binks

    Exactly! Go ask the #AllLivesMatter crew why they are so silent about Zachary Hammond. I love how all of a sudden race shouldn’t be an issue when the victim is white and needs media coverage and that police brutality is a real issue because it hits close to home so all of a sudden people get the issues. The Black Lives Matters hashtag was under attack from the get go by some people simply because it’s bold and daring by stating that black people are victims and we are human a feat some people still don’t grasp especially in relation to the criminal justice system. And let’s not even act like the media automatically picked up the stories of Mrs. Bland, Jones and Boyd, Mr. Garner, Brown, Martin, Rice, Grant, Grey and MANY others willfully. But it was the movement on social media, the creators of Black Lives Matters, the families and the people in the town that forced the media and the world to listen. This is the PERFECT example of learning to be an ally and asking for help because of the commonality between Zachary Hammond and so many others black lives that have been lost not the time to try and call people out or shaming them because you want our help.

    • Exactly. Some people don’t know that the Black Lives Matter movement was not about denying that all lives matter. It was about fighting against the demonization and murder of black lives by evil people. The Black Lives Matter movement is about confronting an oppressive system, so black people can live their lives without police brutality and without other injustices.

    • binks

      Exactly Truth! But you know once black people start to value and fight for ourselves and our rights unapologetically by putting ourselves first without the aid or permission of others the detractors, racists, and trolls come out. The simple fact is some wanted to undermine, co-opt or “PC” # black lives matter from the start based on their issues and perception while not giving a damn about the point of it.

    • Right on Sister. Every time, we as black people come together and set up autonomous power bases (or even advance Black Unity in a positive direction excluding bigotry), then trolls, racists, and others try to demonize us. I do notice that these trolls and racists don’t condemn Asians, Hispanics, etc. when they establish their own organizations and autonomous enterprises either. The haters don’t even understand the history or the agenda of the Black Lives Matter Movement at all. We want justice.

      Goodnight Sister and Bless you.

  • mywordsaremypower

    It’s a shame this young man lost his life over something so petty.The irony is that the same people who jump aboard the #AllLivesMatter train forget they have to stop and consider “All Lives” that have been lost by police brutality. They have time to spew #AllLivesMatter on twitter but forget to do it when it actually “matters”. Hypocrisy shows itself in the most understated moments and it’s actually truly enlightening.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Yep. They prove how callous and self-centered they are, always. The ‘all lives’ goons don’t care that this white kid’s life mattered, but regardless of that he was brutally killed in an act of contempt and cowardice, nope they only care that black lives *don’t* matter. Once again, it’s black people who have taken on the task of shocking the conscience of the of the world, but if this story does pick up steam, I wonder what kind of hatchet job people will take to his memory. Oh, who am I kidding?

    • mywordsaremypower

      This will get brushed under the rug. Any type of violence from police should be heralded at the top of our lungs, no matter what country you live in . I’m starting to believe things like #AllLivesMatter are just trends for people to jump on to make excuses for what they truly think and feel. I always say this “if you don’t live it , you don’t see it ,so you definitely won’t believe it”. All these people see are race cards because it makes them have to think about race, something they have never had to think or talk about before. They just feel entitlement to shut anything to do with race right down. All you then here are cries of “stop race baiting” or “your using the race card” are running on thin ice now. They have to now live behind a hashtag which is really pathetic. We now live in world where hashtags dictate how you say or do things or just to keep you relevant. What happend hummnaity?

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Definitely. Hashtag humanity, impotent reality. These people think that their self-awarded PhDs in imagination and deflection make them experts on the black human condition, plus, they’re truly concerned with the dignity of everyone (else’s) lives, it’s completely sincere, too, we just must believe it. But, their profound ‘concern’ for The People dissipates when no path to lecturing black people presents itself. Since they can’t make the horrible murder of this young person by police a black person’s fault, it doesn’t merit their attention. But, now, see, all of the lights are on again now that another young black man has been killed by police; they’re very interested in that. This kid’s privilege didn’t save him and the ones who care about the lost life are the ones who can only relate to the part about not being saved. Having been the ones to have actually lived with police brutality, those same people–the ones preyed upon by people who resemble this kid– are the ones who ‘see it’. That recognition rises above that history, but still, they talk about us not ‘getting over’ things. That history/phenomenon of police brutality is so alien to this kid’s ‘own’ that they shrug him off as well as any claim to him because obviously he couldn’t have really been like them in the first place.

      They’re more transparent than a newly-cleaned window.


    • mywordsaremypower

      I agree with everything you have said. These people have no idea. I feel the only way most of them will awake is when they see a bunch of white people being killed in the same matter. That will see some reform take place which is so sad really. If #AllLivesMater they should be advocating to get this reform sooner than later. They just want to be to be relevant in the right way by using their white privilege to good instead of complain.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Yeah. I think the general consensus is that the only thing to combat horror is for more of it to happen, which is so powerfully sad. For those who will see what this is, I think the effect right now is like what happened when people saw televised footage from the Vietnam War, which is to say, reality had to be pumped into their homes to rip away their complacency and demand change in policy. I can’t remember the name of the story, but it was comparing how whites see racism today as opposed to one year ago. The results showed that 59% (only?) of them recognised that is a racism problem, but that’s up from 38%. Camera phones showed them the truth, unedited, and some people are starting to see (though, they damn well know this by now). Phones do what television once did, now that desensitization to it has taken hold.

      Of course, there’s everyone else. ‘I’ve got mine and I took yours and if your reaction to that is anything beyond stiff-jawed stoicism–which I possess–I’ll cry like a stuck pig.’ What about white-on-white? Hmph. They like to call their apathy a state of grace because they’re painting themselves as above the pettiness of the pounding surf. No, not caring (aka ‘all lives’ knockoff zen philosophy) doesn’t make you intellectually detached because you’re not Seneca, in fact, you’re just a mean and lazy individual and it’s not fooling anyone. I don’t know if they even care that they’re that obvious, they have no stake in it, so why should they care, for real? Plus, Seneca was forced to commit suicide, so never breaking a sweat doesn’t necessarily shield you from everything that isn’t your own bull.

  • AngryBlackMan

    In all due respect to the deceased young man and the friends and family he left, but this #AllLivesMatter shyt is bullshyt. This is what I call a #WhiteSacrifice. One way to alleviate a problem is to convince people that either a. There is no problem or b. Its everyone’s problem. This is point b, which will be followed by point a. While I do not condone the killing of innocent people period, what does everyone expect. They have to make it even so we will believe they are not targeting our kids and our young men. If you want to end racism, bring back segregation, that’s real freedom.

  • mariah asphalt

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.