Is it really that serious? To risk your life for a bigger butt from some back-alley injection peddler? I’m going to need women to get some commonsense.

Daysha Phillips, a 22-year-old from St. Louis, died after receiving illegal butt injections near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Phillips was a dancer at Pink Slip exotic club in Brooklyn, Ill and wanted a curvier figure. But it ultimately cost her, her life.

Phillips’ death on July 30 may have ties to a Dallas murder case involving Denise “Wee Wee” Ross, who is accused of fatally injecting the buttocks of a woman in a Deep Ellum salon in February, according to police.

Phillips and three other women went to the Drury Inn Airport hotel in Edmundson, Mo., according to Phillips’ aunt, Marie Cooper.

Meeting them in a room on the fifth floor, police believe, was a woman who injected Phillips and two other women with materials designed to enlarge the hips and buttocks areas as they lay on a massage table. The injector is believed to have traveled to St. Louis from Dallas, Phillips’ family said.

Police said they believe three female suspects were involved in Phillips’ death.

Soon after she was injected, Phillips was found “moaning and gasping for air, wide-eyed … like a rag doll,” said Cooper. She later died at a hospital.


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