Brad Miller, a recruit with the Arlington Police Department, has been terminated following his involvement in the fatal shooting of 19-year-old college student Christian Taylor.

During a press conference detailing the events that led up to the deadly confrontation, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson questioned Miller’s actions that evening.

“I have found several decisions made on scene to be troubling,” the chief said.

Taylor was accused of burglarizing a car dealership, and surveillance video showed the teen jumping on cars.

According to Chief Johnson, Miller entered the showroom alone, forcing the other officers to follow him inside and placing them at risk.

Upon encountering Taylor,  the teen tried to flee, but ran to a locked glass door. Cornered, police claim Taylor then began advancing on Miller, cursing. They also allege the teen did not comply with orders to get down.

Miller’s training officer, Corporal Dale Wiggins, said he heard a pop and thought Miller had deployed his taser. Then, he heard three more shots as Miller fired several live rounds at the unarmed student.

Chief Johnson said Miller and Taylor never came into physical contact during the incident.

Miller, a trainee, was fired for “exercising poor judgement.” Evidence will be presented to a Tarrant County Grand Jury who will decide whether or not the former officer will be charged with a crime.

Taylor was a sophomore at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. Just last month, the teen tweeted that he didn’t want to die young.

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