There’s always some ‘Ashy Larry’ Black dude on Twitter who wants to talk sideways about black women. Typically these men are the grandmother-basement-dwelling types. But over the weekend, gang affiliated-codeine-pushing-felon rapper, Nipsey Hussle had a few unkind words via a Tweet he wanted to retweet.

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A tweet about Black women being a disgrace was posted, and Nipsey, although he didn’t retweet it, agreed with it with a comment. Then he tried his best to backtrack, before it was screenshot for preservation.


But needless to say, people weren’t having it:

It’s hilarious how it’s always the ashiest of Larrys who have something negative to say about Black women. One has to wonder what his daughters think about his comments. But then again, he probably doesn’t think they’re ‘Black’.

All my daughters

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And people aren’t letting him live down his comments there either:

your mom is a disgrace and you’re a nobody. If we stop supporting trash like this (never supported him anyway) then maybe he’d watch what he says a little more. Fuckin back-peddling ass BITCH. You said what you said, stand by it and be a man.

Your disgraceful I actually liked what you represented at one point. But your just a coon @nipseyhussle it’s always the BLACK race to bring each other down so we don’t ever win. Slave mentality smh

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