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Man, listen. Trying to slide into someone’s direct messages for a little, ehem, private discussion without being seen is hard enough on Twitter. But when you’re a married celebrity it’s even more difficult. Just ask Mike Epps.

When the comedian tried to holla at a young woman and take the conversation somewhere a little more private, his wife stepped in and she wasn’t pleased.

Things began innocently enough. Twitter user @CeciCitra made a remark about spoilers, and I guess that was the opening the comedian needed to say hello.

Everything seemed above board until Epps asked if @CeciCitra was on Instagram so he could, presumably, peruse her pictures, and well, Mrs. Epps jumped in.

Soon after Mrs. Epps put the kibosh on her husband’s creeping, @CeciCitra was mysteriously blocked from any further interactions with Epps.

You know Twitter went all the way in, right? RIGHT!

I bet Epps will think twice before he tries that again.

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