Even with video evidence clearly showing white Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing murder 43-year-old unarmed Black man Samuel DuBose with a point-blank range shot to the head during a traffic stop, Tensing is still attempting to make excuses for taking his life.

Ray Tensing was officially indicted by a grand jury on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter last week, shortly after the disturbing video footage showing Tensing gun down Sam DuBose was made public. In the days since his indictment, Tensing has been speaking through his lawyer in an attempt to justify his actions, pleading not guilty to the charges while also insisting that he shot Sam DuBose because he “feared for his life” and supposedly thought he was going to get dragged by DuBose’s car. However, anyone with eyes who has seen the video can attest to the fact that Sam DuBose never even had a chance to actually drive off in the car before Tensing fired his shot, which killed him instantly. Dubose’s car only propelled forward after he was already dead and his body slumped over onto the gas pedal before slamming into the curb shortly after. In a second attempt to victimize himself, the Daily Mail reports that Tensing is now also demanding his job back on the basis that he was wrongfully dismissed, pointing out that the other two officers who initially corroborated his false account of what happened during the shooting have been able to retain their jobs without facing any charges.

One would think that being caught on video murdering an unarmed man with no solid reasoning or just cause would at LEAST result in this officer accepting responsibility for his careless actions that have claimed the life of an innocent man, but quite the opposite of that has happened thus far.  Not only is Ray Tensing attempting to downplay his actions blatantly disrespectful to the family of Samuel DuBose, it also speaks to a much larger problem of the disconnect between police officer and the Black community.  Tensing demanding to be reinstated as a police officer and using the hypothetical reasoning (“IF” he would have driven off, I fear that I “would have” been dragged by his car) as the main basis for justifying his murder makes it evident that he has little to no realization of the magnitude of what he has done.

Police officers are constantly urging the Black community to treat cops with respect as enforcers of the law, but how exactly are we to go about this when the actions of so many in law enforcement repeatedly show us that the value of our lives in their eyes is little to none?

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  • Me

    i can’t. & i won’t. just go directly to jail sir. do not pass go. do not collect your tax funded pension.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      isn’t it insane? and even more insane are the people who couldn’t’ wait to help pay his bond, in spite of video EVIDENCE which contradicts his concocted lies, i give up!! whyte folk, i swear!!

  • LogicalLeopard

    Wait…hold on, he’s not saying he was afraid IF he drove off, he would have been dragged, is he? That’s down right lunacy. Now, I was about to give him the benefit of the doubt (as it were) and assume he hadn’t seen the video himself, and maybe tried to justify it in his mind. You can make yourself believe a lie if you are under that much pressure. Or at least halfway-sort of believe the lie. But saying that he was afraid he’d be dragged is preposterous. You do two things: 1) LET GO, and 2) STEP BACK. Take just ONE step. That’s it. Get in your patrol car, call it in, and give pursuit. But you don’t SHOOT the guy, ESPECIALLY over a license plate!

  • Tensing is a total murderer. He murdered an unarmed Brother. The Brother Sam Dubose asked him or the cop legitimate questions and the officer was very defensive in his responses. He shot the Brother quickly without any hesitation. Tensing can easily do a wide range of actions other than shooting a bullet into a black man’s head. The cop murdered him in a pre-mediated fashion. I feel for Sam DuBose’s family Also, Cincinnati has a known history of cops harassing black residents for years and decades. The video tape clear contradicts the lying words of Tensing and the 2 officers with him.

    RIP Sam DuBose.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      well said!

    • Thank you Sister. We desire justice unequivocally.

    • elle D.

      Yes–I grew up there and they are definitely known in Cincy to treat Black folks with total disrespect and harassment. I am so over this all-this thinking that they can STILL get away with murder DESPITE the climate in this nation is BEYOND imagination. The breaking point is here and it is time for this nation to pony up-

    • I didn’t know that you grew up there. My older brother and others say that Cincinnati is like a Southern city as it is on the Ohio River near Kentucky. These crooked cops are total cowards. It is a total shame that we were taught on how to deal with the police when we were young so that we won’t be killed by them (when they sworn an oath to serve and protect Americans). I wish for justice. We are tired of our people being mistreated and murdered.

    • elle D.

      Yes, it is a lot like that there–very conservative. We are sick and tired, I believe it was Prince who once sang, “your thousand years are up–we tired of ya’ll.” Progress and justice are slow-moving, but truth always comes to light. I hope you have a blessed day today.

    • Thank you for the great words Sister. Justice and progress are slow moving, but no evil can stop the truth. The truth is eternal and it can cut lies sharper than any two edged sword. You’re a great human being and I will always respect your wisdom as your words inspire me.

      I’m having a Blessed Day today Sister.

    • elle D.

      Thank you, that is great to *hear*–you already know how I feel about you- intellectual, creative and thoughtful people such as yourself-give me hope. I am so grateful to realize that I am not alone in this fight and so many Black people are awake–and staying WOKE.

    • You’re Welcome Sister.

      Many black people are awoke and shining the light of truth worldwide. You’re intellectual, creative, and thoughtful too. We need hope, faith, and action in order fro black liberation to come about. I am grateful of the truth and I will always defend my blood. We are part of one black community and we are in this together as one community. We are family. :)

    • elle D.

      Indeed we are–a re-emergence is coming….perhaps a newfound unity, stronger than ever before…

    • Goodnight Sister elle D.

      Bless you and the truth is on our side.

  • Delia

    And why do they need body cams? Blatant evidence is apparent, yet excuses and hypothesis are made. Disgusting.

  • Tenson your afraid is this excuse of petty why you murdered innocent man whom drunk irrelevant. Motive was kill him no matter the charge NAPO couldn’t get out this crime not wasting time. Going serve your time if you mind behind bars always racism guilty non White making. Social disorder uptight to damn bad you killed a man ass!