While social media lit up with commentary about Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, The Dream Defenders launched a campaign of their own.

The group, which advocates about everything from ending police violence and racial justice, to getting more young people to vote, launched #KKKorGOP, which asked people to identify if controversial statements on race came from Republican candidates or members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Dream Defenders also posted images marked #KKKorGOP to Instagram, and apparently, the social network wasn’t too pleased. Instagram deleted the Dream Defenders page without warning.

Steven J. Pargett, the group’s Communications and Culture Director, released a statement.

This morning, we found that our Instagram account ‘@TheDreamDefenders’ has been deleted by Instagram administrators, without any warning, after posting graphics that detailed questionable quotes by GOP Presidential candidates via the hashtag #KKKorGOP.  Other #KKKorGOP participants who shared graphics using the hashtag #KKKorGOP individual posts were deleted, but our entire account was deleted.

It’s also noteworthy that Facebook sponsored, and cohosted the GOP Debate last night. Facebook owns Instagram, and Instagram deleted our account for posts that facilitated discussion and debate via the #KKKorGOP hashtag on Twitter and other online forums.

In times of darkness, the people must have the freedom to shed light.  It is truly concerning when privately owned companies like Instagram step over the lines to censor organizations and people that are participating in the Democratic process by challenging people to think critically.

#KKKorGOP is a question that we asked for people to think about. We are working with allies to draw parallels and facilitate debate and conversation.

We are concerned that with brash actions like the one taken against our Instagram account last night, our right to free speech is under attack.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has deleted or suppressed social justice hashtags. Previously, the site has blocked the #SayHerName and #SandraBland tags, claiming they were trying to tamp down hate. However, activists accuse Instagram of trying to stifle conversation.

As social networks increasingly become backed by powerful corporate entities, it remains to be seen if more of them will censor activists’ speech.

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  • I’m not surprised at what Instagram has done. I have look at the KKK or the GOP website too. It compared the platform of the racist, white supremacist CCC (or the Council of Conservative Citizens) with the modern day platform of the GOP (as found in the Republican National Committee Platform). It’s an interesting website.

    #Black Lives Matter.
    #Uhuru Sasa.

    • Ann Gomez

      Have you looked at the black genocide website?

    • Since you falsely call people fools constantly that you don’t know, since you call me a Democrat (when I am a political Independent not a Democrat), and since you obviously don’t respect people who disagrees with you, I am moving forward. To answer your question, I have looked at the conservative site as i have at sites from across the political spectrum. This is my last response to you. Peace.

    • Ann Gomez

      Fools have familes too, I’m pretty sure you heard of shawty lo, Wayne, sherry shepered and all the slew of fools that produce babies and ignore the truth. It’s obvious your not an independent because you are not impartial to republicans, like your orginal comment fell into old stereotypes and it just dosent make sense. You think your pro black but you support everything that’s trying to destroy you. Wake up!

    • I’m already awoke. Thank you for the concern though. Those people that you have disrespected and called fools aren’t Shawty lo, Wayne, or Sherry Shepherd at all. So, These people have nothing to do with the issue. The issue is that people have every right to believe in what they want. You have the right to your views. I have the right to my views as well. It’s obvious you have an hostile attitude towards anyone who disagrees with you by your tone and language. People have the right to agree with you or not. I am an Independent, which is your misconception. Many independents have criticized both major political parties then and now. There are third parties that have people form across the political spectrum. Just because a person doesn’t blow or genuflect towards the Republicans doesn’t mean that this person is not an Independent. My original comments has nothing to do with old stereotypes. My comments originally had to do with the description of the KKK or GOP website, which I said was interesting. The GOP’s Southern Strategy, advocacy of voter suppression laws, the War on Drugs, austerity plans, etc. aren’t stereotypes. They are actual facts. I don’t agree with Democrats on every issue either like on the TPP, etc. I say that I’m pro-black and I’m pro-black.

      Advocating the end to police brutality, fighting for equal pay, advancing pan-African unity, believing in a higher national minimum wage, opposing the system of white supremacy (to be replaced with justice), ending racial profiling, ending the War on Drugs with alternatives, believing in public including private investments in our communities, loving black culture, loving Africa, honoring our black ancestors, and promoting Black Unity (which will build up black people not destroy us) is the epitome of being pro-black.

  • Mr. S

    The GOP has done more good for the black community than the democrats have. Democrats keep promising things but yet they have nothing to show for it. Remember folks it was the republicans who who Putin the amendments to end everything from slavery to giving the black community the right to vote.

    • Ann Gomez

      As they sit here ands support democrats the fund black genoicide, why even bother to bring these fools to the light. If amnesty happens it’s going be these fools suffering and I’m going to be laughing at them some place far a way….

    • Mr. S

      What they also don’t realize Ann is that the democrats we have in office now are spending money for illegals to go to school for free while while black citizens are still struggling going to school. Its like the black community is being replaced with the illegals

  • disq141synergy

    Be CAREFUL everyone, this was weird: It was after I clicked on the text in the photo of this article When Mexico Sends it’s… that I got a pop up warning scam
    that asks if you want to leave or stay on the page, if you click leave a malware notice asks you to call 888-479-6340. It looks legit and calls itself Windows (if you use windows defender it’s almost believable) but is a scam from India. I looked up the number and they clearly are not legit.

    • Charles Johnson

      you should get adblock installed on your web browser, or any other adblocking program. Something tells me clutch is about to get hacked -__-

    • disq141synergy

      Thank you, I have Ad Block Plus but it came up anyhow.

    • Gifted_Mom

      I received the same pop-up. They need to fix this ASAP before it’s too late!

    • BillipPhailey

      It got me too. I ran a scan and everything is ok. Clutch??

    • Mary Burrell

      You are right it happened to me and i am hoping they haven’t hacked into my emails or anything. They sound like foreigners or someone who i assume is from India. I had to call a friend who is an IT specialist and this is a scam. Clutch needs to fix this.

    • roo08

      a link i clicked from clutch’s front page was blocked by malwarebytes on my latpop. You have to be careful surfing the internet. I have anti-malware and anti-virus programs running at all times and scan at least once a day. I use chrome but while surfing i have the following extensions open at all times:

      ublock – great adblock that doesn’t use too much memory unlike adblockplus, etc

    • disq141synergy

      Thanks for sharing! I use WOT and have anti mal/virus running but haven’t tried the others. :)

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Ghostery is really great for blocking advertisements that appear all over your browser and slow you down.

    • roo08

      The Great Suspender is another AWESOME app. It’ s not for protection but it’s great for reducing how much memory chrome uses. Definitely check it out.

  • mywordsaremypower

    This is ridiculous. Social Media is a way of expressing ones own views. If you can’t do it on this platform you really have nowhere else unless you want to be an outcast. Instagram and their shady policies are starting to bug me. If your going to start dictating who sees what on your site or app then you should really take the time to look at everything on them. I have seen so many things on instagram that raise red flags.

  • Mary Burrell

    Wow Instagram participating in keeping white supremacy going trying to silence the voices of the dream defenders.