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Every day it seems like the beauty industry invents something to make women feel even worse about our bodies. From some folks’ unhealthy obsession with thigh gaps, to deodorant that claims to make your armpits look sexier and smoother, if you keep up with beauty trends then you’re already aware no part of the body is safe from being “improved.”

Now…apparently your collarbone needs a makeover, too.

According to the “healthy living” Instagram page Foodguidelines (who also teach their 1 million followers how to build a butt by doing squats for the low, low price of $19.99), the right combination of makeup can help you “intensify” your collarbone, because…..I have no idea, but now they’re probably making some people think they should.

Foodguidelines swiped the image from an Instagram makeup tutorial page, and added instructions to help you make your non-existent collarbone pop! Yay!

So, how can you “intensify”your bones…to presumably look thinner, or something?

Foodguidelines advises you…

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Shrug your shoulders, trace the natural contours with a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone, and shades lighter. Draw the lighter shade on the areas that protrude outward. Then, use the darker shade to fill in the sections that fall in the shadows. Use a damp blending sponge or a stippling brush to blend the shades together, eliminating any harsh lines.

Got it? Good.

Now forget that crap and love the collarbone you already have.

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