Kelly Osbourne is the latest white media personality to put her foot in her mouth and face instant backlash as a result.

During a segment on today’s episode of The View, guest host Kelly Osbourne joined in on a discussion about Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s insensitive and often racist views on immigration. During their discussion, Kelly attempted to point out just how little sense it makes for Donald Trump to look down on the Latino community given that some of the people he has working for him and doing things that he thinks he’s too good to do himself are likely Latino, but the words she used to express her thoughts were clearly not well planned out. While trying to get her point across, she said: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?”

Take a look at her full comment and the immediate reaction of fellow co-host Rosie Perez (who is Puerto Rican) immediately after.

In attempting to accurately portray Donald Trump as being racist, it looks like Kelly may have ended up broadcasting her own racist views by implying that the majority of the people who clean toilets in L.A. are Latino. She attempted to clarify her comments immediately after she made the statement and was promptly checked by Rosie Perez, but the damage had already been done.

In an even more surprising turn of events, Rosie later took to her Twitter account to publicly apologize to Kelly for “taking her point wrong” just as the clip of Kelly’s comments began to go viral on Twitter.

Regardless of whether or not Kelly “intended” to sound racist, the fact that she automatically thinks to relate toilet cleaning jobs specifically to those in the Latino community speaks volumes. What are your thoughts on Kelly’s comments, Clutchettes?

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