Lesley McSpadden isn’t mincing any words when it comes to Darren Wilson, the former cop who shot and killed her son Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

McSpadden conducted an interview with Al Jazeera News and used the most apropos words to describe the killer cop.

“The devil. That’s what comes to mind,” McSpadden said of Wilson, who fatally shot Brown a year ago.

“All I can say is vengeance is God’s, and I hope he has mercy on his soul.”

McSpadden’s interview is in response to  remarks Wilson made in an interview with The New Yorker that questioned Brown’s upbringing.

“Do I think about who (Michael Brown) was as a person?” Wilson said. “Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point. Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all.”

Wilson, who shouldn’t talk about someone’s upbringing since he was raised by a felon, is currently unemployed because no one will hire him. Good.

McSpadden insists her son wasn’t involved in gang activity like Wilson alleges.

“What he’s talking about, he has no idea about my life at all,” she said. “He had no idea what he was taking away when he did that to my son.”

McSpadden said the violence that broke out was years in the making. “The looting, everything they thought was just out of the ordinary,” McSpadden said. “It was a cry for help. It was like we had a tsunami or a Hurricane Katrina, but it was killings after killings.”

“This killing, in the broad daylight, middle of the day, with people out walking their dogs and jogging and playing, and this erupts, and we don’t have any understanding to why it happened. No facts. Yeah, that was bound to happen.”

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