Women kicked off wine train

Looks like social media has wielded it’s power yet again. After news spread quickly that a group of women were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train for allegedly “laughing while Black,” the business now says it was “100 percent wrong.”

In a newly released statement, CEO Anthony Giaccio says his management teamed handled the incident poorly.

“The Napa Valley Wine Train was 100 percent wrong in its handling of this issue,” he said. “We accept full responsibility for our failures and for the chain of events that led to this regrettable treatment of our guests.”

Giaccio also penned an apology letter to the women who were kicked off the train.

I want to apologize for your experience on the Napa Valley Wine Train on Saturday, Aug. 22. We accept full responsibility for our failures and the entire chain of unfortunate events you experienced.

Clearly, we knew in advance when we booked your party that you would be loud, fun-loving and boisterous—because you told us during the booking process that you wanted a place where your Club could enjoy each other’s company. Somehow that vital information never made it to the appropriate channels and we failed to seat your group where you could enjoy yourself properly and alert our train’s staff that they should expect a particularly vibrant group.

We were insensitive when we asked you to depart our train by marching you down the aisle past all the other passengers. While that was the safest route for disembarking, it showed a lack of sensitivity on our part that I did not fully conceive of until you explained the humiliation of the experience and how it impacted you and your fellow Book Club members.

We also erred by placing an inaccurate post on our Facebook site that was not reflective of what actually occurred. In the haste to respond to criticism and news inquires, we made a bad situation worse by rushing to answer questions on social media. We quickly removed the inaccurate post, but the harm was done by our erroneous post.

In summary, we were acutely insensitive to you and the members of the Book Club. Please accept my apologies for our many mistakes and failures. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and our desire to please our guests on the Napa Valley Wine Train. In this instance, we failed in every measure of the meaning of good service, respect and hospitality.

I appreciate your recommendation that our staff, which I believe to be among the best, could use additional cultural diversity and sensitivity training. I pledge to make sure that occurs and I plan to participate myself.

As I offered in my conversation with you today, please accept my personal apologies for your experience and the experience of the Book Club members. I would like to invite you and other members to return plus 39 other guests (you can fill an entire car of 50) as my personal guests in a reserved car where you can enjoy yourselves as loudly as you desire.

I want to conclude again by offering my apologies for your terrible experience.

Despite Giaccio’s apology and his offer to allow the women to return with 39 friends (a total of 50 people), Lisa Johnson said her book club won’t be boarding the wine train ever again.

“What we really wanted is for something like this not to happen in the first place,” she said on MSNBC. “I will never forget my first and last experience on the Napa Valley Wine Train.”

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  • hurtbeyondbelief

    did he talk to corporate about that memo..i can not see any corp office i know posting such a sincere and open apologize..i agree with the ladies..damn you all to hell…enough is enough..i know from my experience with bad operators,,i would of called twice and said ,,did i tell you were are going to have a real good time..put us in the back were we will not bother anyone..people just do not care about doing there jobs right..

  • Treva Thomas-Singleton

    Screw the apology! It should have NEVER happened in the first place period and point blank! We are in 2015 people. This black/white hatred needs to stop. It is just ridiculous and I am soooo over it!!! Can’t we all just play nice in the sandbox without color ALWAYS having to be a freakin’ issue? Damn!

  • Edward Mitchell

    This story is incomplete perhaps on purpose. “The company originally posted on their Facebook page that the women were ejected after becoming violent.

    “Following verbal and physical abuse toward other guests and staff, it was necessary to get our police involved,” said the statement, shared on Facebook.”

    This part was left out of just what happened and I ask why? You see the truth is it was about race and they were very proud of what they did as they felt empowered for doing so. But only after they realized that the video was going viral did they apologize in the fear of losing money for a backlash of people that have had enough of this crap.

    I say apology not accepted and they should consider themselves Boycotted from now till…?
    Black Lives Matter and that goes for our quality of life as well!

  • DeuS_eX_DaRe

    So the train wants to end a PR nightmare however it can, even if it means apologizing to women who were probably in the wrong themselves for being loud and rude and disturbing the other customers. And then, rather than admitting their behavior played a role, they holler racism.

  • My whole problem with is apology was the need to say and I quote.”Clearly, we knew in advance when we booked your party that you would be loud, fun-loving and boisterous” CLEARLY??? Loud and Boisteriious??? right there!!! SMDH, To me that says sure take their money, but make a note that if they are going to be LOUD and Boisterous, code word for black, we will use this VITAL information to kick them off the train once they get too loud. He needs to refund all of their money and then go kick rocks..