Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.05.50 AMWhile Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley work to win the Democratic nomination, there’s another man who may be throwing his hat in the ring: Vice President Joe Biden.

The former Senator turned popular Veep is said to be considering a run for the top office.

NBC reports:

Vice President Joe Biden is spending part of his South Carolina vacation calling close friends to discuss a potential 2016 run, a longtime Democratic operative and a source close to Biden who had an extensive phone call with him this week confirmed to NBC News.

Biden is not calling people asking “if” he should run, but saying, “I am thinking about it but I’m also thinking about Beau,” according to a source close to Biden. His son Beau Biden passed away in May after a lengthy battle with brain cancer.

The source who got a call from Biden this week said, “I think he is doing the analysis and homework.”

But added: “I can’t emphasize this enough: He is distraught over Beau’s passing and working through the grief.”

Biden supporters are happy to hear the vice president is considering a run for the White House, but others caution it’s a little too late for him to jump into the race. Currently, Biden is polling around 12 percent in a national average of data.

What do you think VP Biden should do? Would you vote for him for president?

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