A Southfield, Michigan community is appalled at a flier that made its way to the homes of its residents.

A flier found Friday with the saying “let’s get the blacks out of Southfield in November” has those the community in an uproar. Apparently an anonymous person is distributing the fliers and Tamika Denson, whose mother is a long time resident, is upset, especially since Trayvon Martin is featured on the flyer as well.

“This to me says he needed to be killed and that’s someone’s child and it’s being used in this message,” Denson stated.

Kenson Silver, a candidate for office, is featured on the flyer, and he makes to claims to knowing who’s behind it and no one on the flyer supports hate.

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  • Noirluv45

    Their desperations has no limits, does it? They are running scared like a chicken about to go to slaughter. In the words of McFadden and Whitehead, “Ain’t no stopping us now. We’re on the move!”

    • Teach Sister.

      They will never stop us. We, as black people, will continue to live our lives and love our Blackness.

    • and plenty of us paler skinned people will continue to love you for who you are

    • Chazz A

      Damn right!

    • Rizzo

      desperate men do make desperate moves

  • Adebisi’s Hat

    Watching white people flail and throw tantrums at only having 97% of all the privileges of life today when they once enjoyed 100% of them is pure comedy gold. ROFLMAO!