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You would think a reputable site would know better than to refer to a Black woman as a ‘savage’. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj, but have some decorum about yourself.

On the heels of the rapper going in on Miley Cyrus on live TV,, took issue with Nicki. And in their efforts in being edgy, decided to go with the below headline in a tweet:

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Now what exactly was so savage about Nicki’s remarks to Cyrus? Was it because she spoke her mind and didn’t back down?

Needless to say, Twitter always has the last word:

Another day. Another white media outlet showing their slips.

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  • DJPooleATX

    I don’t mean to split hairs here, but isn’t referring to Minaj’s RANT as ‘savage’ and actually calling HER a savage two different things? It seems to me, savage was used as a verb, as it often is, and not meant as a racial slur?

    • dennett316

      They are very different things. But context seems to be unimportant to many people on the internet. Outrage takes over, rationality flies out the window.
      Salon are being sensationalist in labelling her words as “savage”, because it makes it more eye-catching and click-baity. If they said what it actually was – two millionaire’s having a mild verbal spat – people wouldn’t click.

    • cosmo smalls

      Yeah two multimillionaires continuing a trend of getting upset about something pretty irrelevant so that other people can get upset about and deem it to be symptomatic of bigger issues related to gender/sexuality/race (delete as appropriate)…oh what id give for these people’s problems.

    • They don’t want to recognize that, as it’s more about having an opportunity to play the outrage card in the media while the story is hot.

  • kazoshay

    This is the lamest generation of people yet

  • eruca


  • bacchys

    She wasn’t called “a savage,” you ignorant, illiterate twats.

  • mmmdot

    Most whites are racist sociopaths – THEY are the savages. The. End.