Spoken-word poet Dave Harris apparently dates lots of white women. So many so that he decided to dedicate a poem to the fathers of the women he’s dated and will date.

“To the fathers of too many of the women that I’ve dated,” he begins in a recent Poetry Slam performance, “the day I meet you, I always straighten my tie. I use the biggest words I know, I break out the good shoes. So you can see them before you see past them.”

“Because when he looks these fathers in the eye for the first time, he always sees the same expression: “That surprised face… that face that says ‘oh, s–t my daughter did not bring home a black guy’.”

“You might never live a day in this skin and I won’t ever yours, but shared experience has value regardless, ” Harris says. “So to all the fathers like you, this is simply what it looks like when your children did better than you did.

“If I am your worst nightmare, you need to figure out what the f–k is wrong with your dreams.” Word.

*slow claps*

One has to wonder if he even dates black women to go through this effort of writing this poem?

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